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Pandroid agent v2.0 RELEASED

November 3, 2011

Pandroid agent v2.0 RELEASED

Last 7th Febrary, we released our first application in Android Market: Pandroid v1.0, the Pandora FMS Agent for Android.

After some minor upgrades, now comes to android Market: PANDROID v2.0

What’s new?

  • Performance improved saving battery managing sensors
  • Usability improved with different sections of configuration
  • Crashes fixed
  • Reporting of used and total memory of the device.

The full data reported for the agent now is:

  • GPS coordinates (translated in human description by Google Maps api for reverse geocoding)
  • Orientation (degrees 0-360)
  • Battery level
  • Presence sensor
  • Memory used and total

Enjoy it now on your Android device checking it in the Android Market.

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