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Pandora FMS v6.0 SP3 just released!

June 28, 2016

Pandora FMS v6.0 SP3 just released!

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Again we’ve been hard at work to make Pandora FMS work as best we can for you and we’re very proud to present Pandora FMS 6.0 SP3. Although SP2 came out only a few months ago, we felt it was still a little rough around the edges, and we haven’t rested until we felt comfortable with how it would look and perform in this new version. We are now sure that some of the most relevant trouble spots will be fixed and working correctly, and we highly recommend you update and install this new Service Pack.

Improvements and new features:

*Huge improvements and changes done on the editor for visual consoles and dashboards. Also, changed the physical aspect and user-friendliness on the elements for said consoles and dashboards. Code has been rewritten and has added features to show Visual Consoles and Dashboards in full screen mode.

*Improvements for the Pandora FMS helpdesk integration with Integria IMS: improved ticketing and inventory management.

*Integration with RMM software eHorus to provide remote desktop and command line management along with real time task management.

*New features for the CLI and API: included new macro <<get_module_id.>> for both CLI and API. Also allows  module group and policy creation, with complementary features.

* New integration with SAML authentication protocol. Especially focused toward educational institutions.

* Improved the update manager: added new user recognition features, which aim to provide users with a more customised experience when getting notifications and recommendations for updates on Pandora FMS.

* Improved behavior for the L2 Recon task and for views of network maps, giving a more accurate view on network maps. Both for OpenSource and Enterprise Edition maps.

Full detail changelog

  • Improved Integria IMS alert action
  • Improved function agents_get_modules to decrease execution time
  • Fixed problems with url in public console.
  • Add include in function to fix problem in CLI.
  • Fixed vulnerability in some extensions
  • Added report_limit token and functionality to limit huge reports.
  • Solved error 500 on resource exportation.
  • Added toggle control to hide legend on service map
  • Changed the default cell number of the dashboard from 9 to 4
  • Now the public visual console graphs are images by default, rendering the same results as a standard visual console.
  • Patched library to solve some infinite loops in static graphics.
  • Now is possible to print multiple gauge graphs without errors
  • Added custom graph selection in item list
  • Added the VALUE macro to the simple value items of the visual console created using the wizard
  • Now the custom title used in pandora uses event delegation, so won’t be necessary to bind the event to new elements
  • Fixed the error which caused the simple value elements disappear from the visual console after enable the grid
  • New login method (saml).
  • Fixed problems with menus and acl enterprise
  • Added password type to update manager proxy
  • Fixed feature to add cron extension in meta.
  • Fixed problems in new feature with url.
  • Feature grouped by agent in event list. Supported to metaconsole.
  • Feature. new form of groped data in event list.
  • Added a function to easily made a control which only appear on mouse move
  • Visual fixes on the horizontal bar graphs
  • Fixed events with/without tags table in advanced options.
  • Fixed an error which affected to the values of the custom graphs
  • Fixed error when a user haven’t profiles and is acl strict.
  • Fixed “autocomplete agent search” with disabled agents.
  • Huge improvements on the visual console fullscreen view
  • Added the keep_aspect_ratio parameter to the render_map action
  • Added a parameter to resize the visual map while keeping its aspect ratio
  • Added change in pandora header, now users without PM permissions dont see warning incon.
  • Added pagination to update manager messages
  • Added header link to UM messages
  • Improved the legends of the vertical bar graphs
  • Fixed the watermark of the vertical bars graph
  • Some visual improvements and an option to hide the labels of the pie graphs
  • Now some graphs has auto margin (left and right) to center it to its container
  • Some changed on the vbar and hbar legends and tooltips and changed the windows carriage returns by its unix version
  • Added new functions to cli.
  • Solved problems with availability reports and unknown time (2)
  • Show only the avg on the legend of the area/line graphs when the graph is inside a dashboard or a visual map
  • Fixed the custom line thickness of the flot line graphs
  • Now all the graphs of the visual console are images by default
  • Now the pie graph is bigger
  • Apply the fix of the area graph height only to the dashboard and the visual consoles
  • Re-calculate the area graph height with the legend height
  • Now all the graphs of the fullscreen visual console are images
  • Improved the graphs behavior when rendered into the dashboard or the visual console
  • Fixed module selection in scheduled downtimes
  • Fixed last value checkbox in reports.
  • Removed the strange behavior of the label size when printing a resized map
  • Enlarged the text on plugins fields
  • Fixed pandora login in mobile version.
  • Added some space to the bottom of the vertical bars graph
  • Now the dashboard and visual console area graphs show the last and avg value in their legend
  • Added a function to dashboard groups checkboxes.
  • Reformulated users_can_manage_group_all
  • Fixed several minor problems with reports.
  • Fixed the menu parameter of the area graph function
  • Fixed problems with session in pandora mobile version.
  • Now when using the wizard the value macro are added only to the simple values as expected.
  • New development. Display lateral menus whit left click.
  • Now the color of the text of the transparent area graphs will be some type of grey.
  • Minor visual fix
  • Applied a reduction coefficient to the line thickness of the static line graphs.
  • Fixed special characters output.
  • Fixed menu position.
  • Fix to print the user lines into the visual maps.
  • Improved the view on static graphs which have little height
  • Fixed agent search in metaconsole events.
  • Now avg_only is enabled by default in agent module graphs, and minor errors fixed.
  • Improved the graph area graphs view
  • Fixed icon color when links two visual consoles.
  • Fixed agent name and module name in interfaces module graphs.
  • Reorganizate code for use OS/module groups in metaconsole.
  • Solved problems (deletion, edition, creation) on GIS maps
  • Fixed url in first task of custom field
  • Auto-hidden menu, new feature.
  • Reduced the width of the graph to avoid the horizontal overflow.
  • Fixed the huge space between legend elements on the pie graphs.
  • Removed the zoom. Now the graph is loaded with the page width after the page load
  • Removed the HTML Editor from the agent description and custom fields.
  • Removed the url injection feature from the agent description.
  • Added the url injection feature to the agent custom fields of some sections.
  • Fixed the custom colors for the vertical bar graphs.
  • Added connection with update manager and some design changes
  • Fixed the error which prevented the opening of the QR dialog on the public console section
  • Show the gauge custom graphs with the defined height. If the user can choose the graph height he should be able to see how is used.
  • Fixed problems when selected no interactive charts or print PDFs.
  • Reduced the max length of the x and y labels of the vertical and horizontal graphs.
  • The service default image is not previewed now.
  • Now IPAM recon events without agent will not be displayed.
  • Solved problems in Goliat (some checks do not work)
  • Fixed problems with replicate events in metaconsole when not agent_id.
  • Get the server name from pandora_agent.conf when replicating events.
  • Fixed that –create_event allows empty group_name, agent_name and module_name options.
  • Fixed problems with replicate events in metaconsole when not agent_id.

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