This year Pandora FMS is repeating its involvement with the Concurso Universitario de Software Libre (University Open Source software competition) in this, its 11th edition. Software development, hardware and open version manuals are the categories in which the participants, from the state sector of higher education, compete. The participants will have access to a blog to detail their experience in development throughout the academic year and a dropbox, like GitHub or LaunchPad, to store the source code.

It’s a privilege and a pleasure for a young company like us to be involved and to lend our support to students, not only at university, but anyone who’s studying for higher education in the state sector, and who is attracted by the world of open source software.

If you’re reading this you’ll know that the field of open source software has been vital in the development of Pandora FMS, as has the contribution of many friends and collaborators of the project. So much so, that we believe we have the most powerful Open Source version of any monitoring software currently available.

Open source does not only mean free, just another way to get something for nothing from the Internet as many people think. It’s more than that; it’s a philosophy of creativity, innovation and, above all, collaboration. These are the values on which Pandora FMS is based and that’s why we are honored to support this event and to contribute to the creating and implementing of ideas in the open source ecosystem.

Welcome to the inspiring world of Open Source.

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