The one who say “The good if brief’ twice good” was right. Life is too short, and sometimes you need some extra help to avoid endless searches in huge User Manuals that you barely understand.

New users of Pandora FMS face everyday more than 1200 pages of official technical documentation, what usually turns into a very tedious task, especially if it’s your first time with the software and you don’t have an advanced knowledge of Systems and Networks.

To avoid that, we have created the Pandora FMS Quickguides, a compilation of summarized and resumed guides, that explain how to do certain processes tasks in the console in a short time.

Among all the guides available in our Wiki, we want to remark the “Pandora FMS General Guide”, a guide that emphasizes the most important features of Pandora FMS, and helps new users to manage the software and execute basic Administration and Operation tasks in record time, since the Installation process to the Creation of Monitoring Visual Maps.

Besides general information, you will find screenshots and examples that will help you to better understand all the concepts. This guide is available in English, Spanish and French, and it will be translated into Estonian soon. You can find it in the Pandora FMS Wiki or clicking here.

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