What do our Pandora FMS departments listen to? Here goes the playlist

Let’s skip introductions and get down to business, get down to the nitty gritty, get down to brass tacks. Let’s go straight to the point, straight to what you are dying to know. Not so long ago, we had the pleasure of getting a huge success with the remarkable article: “What do Pandora FMS technicians listen to? Let’s take a look”. If you were not among the fans who were crowding us for the success of this article, I will sum it up: from the heart of Pandora FMS, we decided to bring to light the technicians musical taste, by means of a playlist associated to their names and their feelings about these songs. From all our media, and even from our internal Forum, we were encouraged to make a second part, where the knowledge and musical criteria of the other departments were also exposed. Yes, our buddies wanted to see this feat full of personality and Pandora FMS music completed.

This new article comes from the need to satisfy the curiosity of our followers about the musical tastes of their idols from Pandora FMS. But also to make peace among the technicians and the rest of departments, who have been bickering and ignoring each other to the point of not passing the salt among them at lunch, since some of them had their own article and the rest did not. That is why, I have come with the purpose of making peace by means of this “peace treaty” and finishing once and for all this strife, that has ruined the mood of many of our evenings out.

Of course, if the community continues asking for it, we will continue opening our hearts and talking about our personal tastes. We will see when it is possible to publish an article about our favorite colors, the foods we are allergic to and and our creepy and weird taboo tastes.

Pandora FMS Music: Sales Department

– Ana Ferreiro:

Her song: Palabras para Julia – Los Suaves

What does this song make me feel?

“Come on! Let’s do this! When I listen to this song, no matter what happens, wherever I might be, I raise my hands to the sky and shout ‘the sky’s the limit!’ Sometimes this has caused some problems when riding a bike.”

– Alexander Rodríguez:

His song: Made for now – Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee

What does this song make me feel?

“It makes me feel more positive than a pregnancy test. When I listen to it my mode is completely ON, even more than the control button. I become more active than a spinning instructor”.

– José Luis Manzano:

His song: Enrique el ultrasur – Los Nikis

What does this song make me feel?

“I makes me feel invigorated and puts me in a good mood. I was listening to this song the day I was on my way to the military service, and there was no squad leader that could look down on me.”

Pandora FMS Music: Communications Department

– Laura Cano:

Her song: Seesaw – BTS

What does this song make me feel?

“A cosmopolitan vibe.
Like walking around the city in autumn without slipping.
As magicians do in the early morning mist.”

(*) Notice that she tried to make a haiku as intense and oriental as her taste in music.

– Carlos Segundo Gutiérrez

His song: Cocaine blues – Johnny Cash

What does it make me feel?

“It makes me vibrate inside. But not as a drug, let’s make it clear: the only connection that I have with drugs is the titles of the songs”.

– María Rueda:

Her song: Relax – Kassin

What does this song make me feel?

“Once, I was on the verge of moving to Brazil. That did not turn out well, but at least I have this song that takes me back to my long walks around Ipanema, while sitting on my couch. I stack tuna cans to recreate the downtown buildings and spread out couscous on the floor to simulate its long beaches.”

– Alberto Dominguez:

His song: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

What does this song make me feel?

“Euphoria, sadness, vehemence, anxiety, momentum, tribulation… It is such an emotional rollercoaster, such a journey of sensations, that many times I’ve ended up lying on my coach asking for linden and lemongrass tea and waiting for my vital signs to go back to their normal levels. LONG LIVE QUEEN!”

– Robin Izquierdo:

His song: Lo perdí – Sober

What does this song make me feel?

“Although it’s not my favourite song, I chose this one because it is the perfect one for the high that it gives me. I hope that in the next edition of Macmillan it is linked to the definition of the word “euphoria” together with an arrow shaped guitar emoticon, as it should be done.”

– Irene Carrasco:

Her song: Ruh – She Past Away

What does this song make me feel?

“As you may have guessed, this is a post-punk dark Turkish wave style. It is the ultimate dark, tender and dance music, which is essentially what I like and what it makes me feel. It stands out because, although this dance song may resemble a common dancing theme, the lyrics are beautiful and deep:

Yarı melek, yarı canavar
Koynuna gireceğim tekrar
Yarı melek, yarı canavar
Süzüleceğim yanına kadar.”

– Dimas Pardo: (that’s me)

His song: Autónomos – Tarzán y su puta madre okupando piso en Alcobendas

What does this song make me feel?

“It reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends.”

Pandora FMS Music: Administration Department

– Patricia Rodríguez:

Her song: Dancing Queen – Abba

What does this song make me feel?

“Dancing time with my family and my children. I can spin around with them and beat any washing machine spinning. Here I dare you Whirlpool and Amana.”

Pandora FMS Music: Human Resources Department

– Sara Martín:

Her song: I’ve got a woman – Ray Charles

What does this song make me feel?

“Do not ask me why, but I am biased towards blind people. I also see in Ray some of the dark techno that I usually listen to. It takes me back to my childhood and this song makes me feel like dancing. Take a look at my dance moves. (Humming to her favourite song, Sara removed all the papers from her desk and began to dance on top of it while she continued humming like crazy).”

Pandora FMS Music: CEO

– Sancho Lerena:

His song: Send me a postcard – Shocking Blue

What does this song make me feel?

“Although this song is already over 60 years old, it still brings me joy and intense emotions. It gives me a very good vibe and I automatically get a smile on my face when I listen to it.”

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