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Pandora FMS moves to GitHub!

September 22, 2014

Pandora FMS moves to GitHub!

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After almost ten years working with conventional repository codes, first CVS and after Subversion, we have realized of the advantages and improvements of working with a system as advanced as GIT. We have been working inrelocating all the Pandora FMS code in this platform since September, and we’ve also adopted the GitFlow methodology for managing our day to day.

pandora fms github

You can find our new code repository on the link below:

As a reminder, some basic commands to download the latest GitHUB code:

  • Download the code (rama master -the official-by default)

    git clone

  • Switch to development branch:

    git checkout origin/develop

  • Update your local copy with changes in the central server (on Github)

    git pull

Warning: The SVN repository will be available for a couple of months, and we will keep it updated through our Git, but within a year it will no longer exist (on Github)

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