New package to update release Pandora FMS 727

Among the new features of the new Pandora FMS 727 update package, you will find new mejoras en la consola visual, en los mapas GIS y un aumento sustancial del rendimiento en las vistas de árbol.

New features and improvements

Threshold definition in Visual Console elements

The definition of the status calculation of the visual consoles linked in the elements has been improved. To the two ways of calculating the status that already existed, has been added a third whose behavior is similar to obtaining the status of the services section: based on percentages of non-compliance, to show a CRITICAL, WARNING or NORMAL status.

Threshold definition in Visual Console elements

Visual improvements on GIS Maps

In previous releases, it has been possible to extend the information shown by each node, add new elements to the layers and visualize agents through their GPS position, among many other improvements. With the 727 update, a much more consistent visual section of the GIS maps has been created.

Visual improvements on GIS Maps

Substantial performance improvement in tree views

The algorithms for constructing tree views have been improved, resulting in greater navigation fluidity.

Substantial performance improvement in tree views

Changes in the visual consoles of the Metaconsole

Now it is possible to visualize in the Metaconsole Visual Console the state of the nodes visual consoles.

New visual consoles section

A new section has been added to modify massively the status calculation of the visual consoles elements. Thanks to this section it is possible to select a great number of elements of different visual consoles at the same time and thus make any change in a faster way.

Other improvements

  • Now it is possible to specify the SNMP version in the recognition tasks.
  • HTTPS support for communications between Pandora FMS server and Pandora FMS console API using self-signed certificates.
  • The synchronization between the Metaconsole and the nodes has been improved making it much more intuitive.
  • New contextual help has been added in the Pandora FMS visual configuration section.
  • New fields in the event search. New fields have been added in the event search: Source, extra ID and Comment, to extend the filtering possibilities.


  • Fixed the loss of default value of zoom in graphs.
  • Fixed the editing of SNMP v3 passwords through massive policy operations.
  • Fixed the behavior of secondary groups.
  • Fixed the consistency of dates in the alert report.
  • The data reported by the ‘Max Value’ module type report has been modified.
  • Within the Meta Console the system of ACLs for visual consoles, the editing of groups and the Monitor View filter has been corrected.
  • Fixed the system of ACLs for dashboards and graph reports generated with CRON.
  • Fixed the time change in the visual console clocks.

This release solves other minor additional problems, most of them reported by customers or identified by our technical team in on-site implementations.

We work so that each Pandora FMS release has more functionalities, and sometimes, as in this one, we try to give quick answers to the small problems that our clients detect.