After months of hard work and effort, we’re very proud to announce that Pandora FMS 6.0 SP2 is now available. In this post we’ll detail the changelog to further inform on the improvements this version has. Apart from fixes we’ve actually added some new features. We want to continue improving for you and this is just another way of doing so. We appreciate any feedback or user experience reports.

Patch Notes

New features

*Huge optimisation for Pandora FMS running on Windows systems. The performance in some key areas has been raised in 108%.

*Public Docker files on Docker Hub! It’s now possible to launch Pandora FMS with just one command line!

*New depiction of thresholds on graphs: now they also represent “warning” and “critical” areas, instead of just having lines to delimit them.

Changes regarding the previous version

*Login speed improved for those systems with a slower internet connection.

*The GIS dashboard interface has been improved to match the look and feel of version 6

*Group filters in policies respect father-son hierarchies within groups

*The Tentacle server now has a timeout so there are no unclosed connections left behind

*SNMP trap forwarding feature won’t run if the agent is deactivated

Bug Fixes

*Fixed calculations in SLA reports. Now ‘Working Time’ is taken into account.

*Performance optimisations on policy searchers for users who are not administrators.

*Fixed the internal error that happened when creating a report template for users that aren’t administrators and that have read-only credentials on reports.

*Corrected cron module executions that wouldn’t run before.

*Performance improvements when running the pandora_db database maintenance script

*Corrections made on inventory data collection on Windows agents.

*Corrections made regarding agent installation on custom directories.

*Improved SNMP monitoring from the Satellite Server, which unnecessarily retried checks under specific causes.

*Multiple fixes and performance optimisations for users with a strict ACL enabled.

*Corrected the Tentacle server which would leave some threads unfinished after finishing their execution.

*Corrected network maps which would not paint nodes that didn’t have an assigned Operating System.

*Fixed routes on Pandora FMS MIBS when running on Windows systems.

*Many more which can be seen on the GitHub history.

View the full change log and update procedure here, and access our downloads section to get the software.

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