The first Service Pack of Pandora FMS 6.0 version is finally out. Here are the most significant changes, improvements and new features:

New features

  • New features in the API and CLI: create synthetic modules, manage planned downtimes, and manage Network, Data Server and Plugin modules to set inverse warning/critical intervals.
  • CSV report exportation has been added to the Reporting engine.
  • New ‘alert_template’ tag in agents’ XML files to subscribe a new module to an Alert Template.
  • Added Monthly SLA to the list of dynamic reports.
  • Added get_agents function to the CLI.
  • Added several functions to handle Planned Downtimes to the CLI and API.
  • Synthetic modules can now be created through CLI and API.
  • Added secondary server options to Satellite Server.

Changes from the last version

  • Improved the SNMP recon script for specific NAT corner cases.
  • Changed Satellite Server’s behavior when checking for duplicated agents’ configuration files when using includes. It now performs all the checks listed on the files rather than ignoring them.
  • Changed Satellite Server’s configuration file token: server_threshold is now keepalive.
  • The processing, sorting and hierarchy display of the Group, Tree and Tactical views have been re-written.
  • Re-sorted some elements of the menu to behave similarly as previous versions (permissions issues).
  • Added more decimals to the percentage display of modules in the Group View.
  • Removed the alert search in the global search bar (big performance improvement).
  • Added the deprecated “relationship” feature in Enterprise Network maps.
  • Windows agents now don’t gather inventory information by default.



  • Several fixes in the Group View that previously displayed wrong information about the number of agents and modules.
  • Usability improvements in Dashboards.
  • Fixed Metaconsole’s Group View not displaying the hierarchy properly.
  • Fixed cache synchronization issues when creating agents in the Metaconsole wizard.
  • Fixed Metaconsole password change when password expires.
  • Fixed errors when changing the background problems in Visual Consoles.
  • Fixed agent listing in Policies menu.
  • Several improvements and fixes in the Reporting engine.
  • Fixed “View agents” ACL bit that should not allow creating Policies.
  • Fixed functions of the API and CLI about Planned downtimes.
  • Fixed PHP warnings that could potentially flood the log file.
  • Fixed Tag synchronization issues between Metaconsole and the nodes.
  • Fixes in bulk operations with Oracle-based database backends.
  • Fixed that an unexpected alert is fired after recovering from unknown state during ff_threshold is activated.
  • Fixed erroneous behavior when the first login of a new user from LDAP in Metaconsole.
  • Fixed problems with inventory with Oracle-based database backends.
  • Changed fixed port in the forms by dynamic value.
  • Fixed the Cron job extension not showing at all.
  • Fixes in the menu when using ACL Enterprise.
  • Fixed problems with the public URL of Visual Consoles.
  • Fixed problems when drawing minimum and maximum on Gauges graphs.
  • Fixed group counting erroneous calculations when group has the propagate ACL option set.
  • Fixed creation of Enterprise network maps when its type is “Group”.
  • Fixed problems with resizing in dashboards.
  • Several fixes on the Reporting engine.
  • Fixed issues for Oracle backend based Pandora: Inventory, and SLA wizards.
  • Make the installer work when an existing database is selected (thanks to TheMisteriousX)
  • Fixed the single graph widget in Dashboards.
  • Added check in the installation for PHP filter extension.
  • Fixed setting the package version when you upload an offline package into update manager.


What are you waiting to update your Pandora FMS?

You can update it automatically, from the Update Manager system, or manually, downloading it and installing the packages from the Download section of our website.