One month ago, we released the SP2 with a lot of fixes. Now it’s time to new version with new fixes and some new features: SP3.

Detailed list of changes on Pandora FMS 5.0 SP3:

  • Several bugs fixes on console.
  • Solved security issue on the mobile console found by Lincoln, a member of Corelan Team.
  • Changes to the alert list view to make it more compact
  • New alert view, with a resumed review of the full alert mechanism to help understand the whole process.
  • Added global warning notices in the system panel when PHP system variables are not as recommended.
  • A final hack on the GIS maps of google to adapt our version of openLayers.
  • Added ‘module_macros’ parameter to api_set_create_*_modules, api_set_update_*_module, and so on. Also added ‘macros’ parameter to plugin module functions.
  • Service map can show custom text in the nodes, for a better usability.
  • Dashboard new widget: added top n events (by module and event type).
  • Improved handling of fonts in PDF report: Fonts added by user (listed in “Font family” drop down list) are also used in PDF. Enabled font substitution and added “unicode” to substitution font list for better handling of characters missing in font specified as “Font family”.
  • New functionality in metaconsole wizard. Module macros are replaced by macro value in module name. Also fixes some bugs in module wizard.
  • Allow intervals to infinity when configuring alert actions (server patch).
  • Add validation by extra_id to the replication events system (server patch).
  • Update unix agent pandora_revent script to be compatible with api function of last version.
  • Fixed problem with the overview graph in IE9.
  • Fixed the urls for google maps when it is running in https mode.
  • Fixed that unexpected strings are set in parameter macro fields when multi-byte characters are entered.
  • Fixed the empty action with trying to write some thing in the global search field when it is searching anything.
  • Fixed the weird name labels in individual GIS maps.
  • Several GIS problems fixed on Googlemaps.
  • Fixed the manual stop of planned downtime.
  • Fixed the save the font size in the networkmaps.
  • Added plugin_macros and module_macros to the return column of tree_agents API
  • Added module_macros parameter to api_set_create_*_modules, api_set_update_*_module, and so on. Also added macros parameter to plugin module functions
  • Avoid to store API auth failure in session log to avoid DoS due high volume of transactions.
  • Fixed a problem on server which can result on bad module count.

Have you noticed about any bug that is not fixed yet? Report it to us in our bug’s tracker HERE.

Have you got any interesting feature request send it to us HERE.

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