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Pandora FMS 5.1 SP4 released!

January 14, 2016

Pandora FMS 5.1 SP4 released!

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After four months of tests and development focused on providing fixes the critical issues, we are proud to release the new Service Pack 4 of the 5.1 version of Pandora FMS, with some new features as usual and many bugs fixed.


  • New features in the API and CLI: create synthetic modules, manage planned downtimes, and manage Network, Data Server and Plugin modules to set inverse warning/critical intervals.
  • New ‘alert_template’ tag in agents’ XML files to subscribe a new module to an Alert Template.
  • New bulk operation available for edit Server plugins.
  • Allow POSIX extended regexps for module preconditions.
  • Added “working time” to availability reports.
  • Added secondary server options to Satellite Server.
  • Added module_timeout to agent plugins.
  • Added several UDP Server Authorized IP addresses to Windows agents.


  • Boolean modules’ graphs are displayed as digital signals rather than analog.
  • Satellite SNMP proc modules behave like SNMP Pandora FMS server´s proc modules.
  • Availability reports now round the results to just two decimals.
  • Removed config_file_encoding from agents’ configuration file. UTF-8 is now assumed.
  • Data Server now sorts queued files before applying the one XML per agent limit.
  • Satellite server now sends multiple files in a single connection (big performance improvement).



  • Fixed title and description in PDF reports
  • Several fixes in the Visual console
  • Fixed problems with bits of permissions in create policies
  • Fixed problems with compatibility with IE8-IE9
  • Repaired SLA report minor bug
  • Fixed change password in Metaconsole with expired passwords
  • Fixed problems with Group and Module´s bulk operations
  • Fixed “delete user from servers” in Metaconsole
  • Fixed error when syncing more than one server and any of them fail
  • Fixed PHP warning flood in certain sections
  • Fixed problems with legend when module contains no data
  • Fixed problems with recursion in the Manage agents section
  • Fixed total Agents’ count when the Group has the Propagate ACL enabled
  • Fixed to allow empty description at create/update plugin/data/network modules APIs
  • Fixed that an empty group is selectable when user’s group access restricts to create a custom report
  • Fixed that groups are shown with no access privileges
  • Fixed group naming in Metaconsole
  • Fixed CLI/API problems with downtime operations
  • Fixed problems with show comment in events
  • Fixed problems with pagination in the IPAM extension
  • Fixed SQL error when visualizing an agent’s inventory without inventory data.
  • Fixed error in the filter of module group in network map
  • Fixed error with dashboard when dashboard had maps made by user widget
  • Fixed JavaScript issues with GIS maps
  • Add auto-synchronization when login with Active Directory authenticated user
  • Improvements in Pandora FMS server in Windows systems
  • Fixed problems when counting agents in Metaconsole’s Tree view
  • Fixed problems in Reports that use the Monitor report item
  • Fixed module creation through Metaconsole’s wizard
  • Fixed cloning in policies
  • Windows scheduled tasks now run as SYSTEM user rather than interactive
  • Fixed unlinking modules from policy on module update
  • Fixed problems with planned downtimes
  • Prevents differences between input and db into inventory modules
  • Fixed problems with validation events in Metaconsole
  • Satellite Server now does not overwrite the previous blacklist until the scan is completed
  • Several fixes in the Agents’ UDP server
  • And much much more small corrections and fixes.


If you want to download the 5.1 SP4 version of Pandora FMS just go to the downloads area of Sourceforge.



  1. nice post and if you have any issue that is related to the windows just like service registration corrupt so you can contact me and find your solution.

    • Carla Andres


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