After a couple of months since the last update of Pandora FMS, we have been working so hard to introduce you the new Service Pack 2 of the 5.1 version of Pandora FMS, with some new features and many bugs fixed.


– New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows.

– Added the date of the last replication with Metaconsole in setup.

– The Linux plugin to monitor memory now uses a new module (AvailableMemory) to report the
available memory and avoid a bad interpretation of how the system uses the free memory.

Added checkboxes in the item list of the Visual Map view, that allow us to delete elements from the list in a massive way.

– New feature to be able to define agent name using an external command.

Paging in Services view.

– Now it’s possible to set clickable links in the Event Viewer, using the agent custom fields, the instructions fields of the module or the agent description.

Changes in the management of the autocreate_group. It’s possible to force all the
new agents to be created in a group, regardless of the information contained in the agent.

Autologin hash upgraded to mask the username in the URL.

– GIS Maps show the URL of the agent in the agent tooltip.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-04 a las 15.05.33

– Improvements and bug-fixes in the PSPZ2 format.

– When creating a service, it’s checked it that does not contain invalid elements that can modify the calculation of the data.

– The SLA services reports have been improved with a graphical histogram.

– Now, the servers view displays the version running in each server.

Massive deleting of the Network Maps.

– Added a “Tree view” widget in the Dashboard.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-04 a la(s) 15.40.10


Optimization in the maintenance of the historical database, improving the process of moving data from the real-time database to the historical database.

– Fixed a race condition in the count of the status of the modules.

– Satellite Server and Network Enterprise server now use fping instead of Nmap, improving reliability.

– Now the data searcher in logs allows spaces.

– The speed of event replication from the node to the Metaconsole has been improved to avoid bottlenecks in case of event storming.

– Change the position of tooltip of the Open Source Networkmaps.

– Fixed the search of modules with tag access restrictions.

Added lost macro _agentgroup_ which wasn’t working.

– Improved the performance of the scheduled downtimes, very important for the performance in the SLA reports.

– Fixed style of agents with a long list of IP’s.

– Fixed PSPZ old behaviour.

– Fixed the io_safe_output for to use hex html entity for the character º.

– Fixed javascript to hide the dynamic macros (remote plugins).

– Fixed some SLA functions to stop the calculations when the module is invalid.

Fixed vulnerability discovered by William Costa:

– Read the trap type (noficiation type) in SNMPv2 traps.

– Now, the TCP connection will be closed when the time is out or when the connection is rejected by Libwrap.

– Fixed the periodic scheduled downtimes in Start and Stop functions.

– Fixed calculation of group items in the linked maps of the Visual Map (big performance boost).

– Change in the position of the information box on the network maps, avoiding going off the visible screen area.

– Fixed the ACL tags in the edit modules view.

If you want to download the 5.1 SP2 version of Pandora FMS click on the button below and select the SP2 package in the download area of our website.


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