A new release of Pandora FMS is coming after Christmas. This new 4.0.3 version is a minor update with new interesting features and a lot of bugs fixed to make this version more reliable.

What’s new?

This version has two new incredible features: command snapshot and graphic comparison.

Command snapshot allows you to get a static image of any command output of your system. If something goes wrong, command snapshot gets and offers you information in detail about the problem so you don’t have to execute any command to find out what’s going on. For example, you could compare the CPU usage value with a snapshot of the “top” command. This feature also stores snapshots in a history database so you can check it anytime you like.

The Graphic comparison feature generates two graphs to compare time intervals. With this feature, you can compare a time range with the previous interval. For example, you could compare this week with last week, or this month with last month. The outcome will be displayed in two different charts. Although, both lines could also be displayed in the same chart. It’s up to you. This feature is very useful to compare data and trends when you made a huge change in your system.

Our main goal is to offer the best monitoring system in the market. We are committed to improve the reliability and performance of Pandora FMS. That is why this release comes with a lot of bug fixed and performance improvements which are mentioned below.


  • GIS map improved: now it shows an agent’s icon and it is possible to hide the agent’s name.
  • Faster event views and several bug fixed related to event validation.
  • Improved database management to allow the main database and history database to work in the same host.
  • Improved incident management integration between Pandora FMS and Integria IMS.
  • Fixed several problems related to the enterprise ACL system.
  • Improved Enterprise network map visualization.
  • Fixed several issues on policy management and visualization.
  • Added support to move agents through different metaconsoles.


  • Improved support for SNMP v2.
  • Created new plugins and improved the existing ones.
  • Better performance and some problems solved in the enterprise network servers.
  • Improved SSL library detection on the enterprise web transactional monitoring.


  • Fixed a problem on Solaris system and socket communications.
  • Updated log-event module for Windows to fit new events structure.
  • Support for Windows 8.

You can download Pandora FMS in different supports (ISO, VMware image, DEB, RPM and TAR.GZ) at


and check the +800 pages documentation at



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