Pandora FMS 3.2 is finally out! The Pandora FMS Project is pleased to announce the latest release of Pandora FMS two release candidates and months of testing. In 3.2 version you’ll find more a lot of new features and bug fixes since last release, six months ago.
Pandora FMS 3.2 contains a long list of features including the following highlights.

  • A new Web console for smartphones.
  • Better dataserver performance.
  • More powerful software agents (cron modules, conditional execution, concurrent checks, value propagation and more).
  • Custom charts from SQL queries in reports.
  • IPv6 support for ICMP and SNMP modules.
  • Creation of specific tabs for extensions and a new extension manager.
  • Support for group hierarchy and new topology maps.
  • Automatic capture of Agent IP address.
  • Sound alerts in the web console.
  • New ReconScript mode for recon server, to use custom scripts to create dynamic monitoring information. A SNMP reconscript is the first application.
  • Added fullscreen mode in GIS Maps.
  • Vastly improved massive operations and command line interface.
  • Special version of software agent for WinNT4.
  • Implemented UDP server for AGENT REFRESH operation on Unix Agents.
  • Added the “standby” mode to the alerts, integrated in the new flow of event management.

And more features for Pandora FMS Enterprise users:

  • Improved interface for policy management, including management from command line, policy exclusion list, queue management and much more.
  • Baseline graphs in HTML, XML and PDF reports.
  • Distribution and synchronisation of file collections with software agents.
  • Support for complex scripts in PDF reports (Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew…)
  • New network maps with group and policy views and the ability to save them.
  • External authentication for LDAP, ActiveDirectory and other Pandora/Babel/Integria server.

You can get Pandora FMS 3.2 in packages for SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. A VmWare version is also available, and of course, the huge (500 pages) PDF administrator’s guide available in three languages (English, Spanish and now Japanese).

Download Pandora FMS v3.2 now!

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