One of the majors improvements for the next Pandora FMS 2.1 version will be the dashboard. In this post, we will try to throw some light on it, and explain the current status and the future it has.

What is a dashboard?

We have an idea about what is a dashboard, maybe you have another one, so let’s start by defining what it is. Think about a personal page, where you can add, remove or order some pieces on it. Maybe you’re interested in seeing the status of your servers on top, a graphic of your bandwidth usage below it and some monitor status at the right. Before Pandora FMS 2.1 you had to change the main page by navigate into the PHP code, trying to find out where that stuff is  done and changing it by adding, removing or updating the source code.

The dashboard will allow you to set up your page easily. All you have to do is add the things you want, configure them and put them in the order you want. That’s the power of a dashboard.

How is it done in Pandora FMS?

The dashboard will only be available on Enterprise version. We had separated some pieces of our code to offer some extra functionality to our costumers and partners. The dashboard is one of them.

Every user can define his own dashboard, and add the desired widgets. The dashboards cannot be shared among users so everyone can have a personal point of view of the systems monitored by Pandora FMS.

For those who want to know technical details, there’s a lot of work based on JavaScript (using jQuery as framework) and of course PHP.

How does it looks like?

Everybody love screenshots. Here you have some of them. Keep in mind this is a very early work, so it may change in the future and does not show all the expected functionality.

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