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Pandora FMS 2.1 development

October 13, 2008

Pandora FMS 2.1 development

We’re working on new stuff for 2.1 version since end of Summer. Esteban and Ramon are working on the new dashboard, remote inventory gathering, and an advanced SNMP Trap console. All this stuff will be ready before this year ends.

  1. User

    I'd like to see the dashboard, is something very interesting.

  2. steve-o

    Hi,At this moment it's very new, but some simple functionality is done. Basically, you have a two columns page where you can add and reorder something we called "widgets". There will be a library of widgets for many things (graphics, single reports, agent status...). The idea is that you can set up the main page with the info you need.I would try to post some info about it in a new entry, ok?Greetings

  3. Nice!

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