Today we’re beginning a slight change in our blog on monitoring. We will refocus it toward providing strictly tutorials and updates for Pandora FMS. This implies youtube videos and playlists on how to perform different monitoring processes on Pandora FMS. This also includes any and all updates that we deem important enough to dedicate an article and a tutorial to, will also be found in this space.

This is also a place for us to be able to engage with our community, reply to your doubts and react to your suggestions.

This being said, we’re going to take it from the top and begin this new path with a video series that shows the basics to Pandora FMS. It’s not made on our latest version (6.0 SP2) but everything depicted in the video is still valid from a technical standpoint. These basics include installation guides for different operating systems, a walkthrough for the initial setup and various configuration guides for different aspects of the software.

We will keep the community updated in this manner. As updated as we can. That is our current commitment toward both users and customers.

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