Good news everyone, I keep updating the translations for Pandora FMS, besides all the languages already available, I decided to download the translation memories from GNOME and run it trough the most poor translations and several ones.

I have to say that I configured Kbabel just to use the strings that were 100% equal, so we have a chance around, lets say, 90% that all the translated strings are correct.

The updated languages using this technique are:

* Basque
* Czech
* Danish
* Finnish
* Hindi
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Slovenian

Now we are trying to reduce the number of strings, reducing a bit the context of them, so the goal would be having a PO template file with around 900 strings, or even less, instead of more than 1100. It would be nice if translators from Rosetta give us feedback about this issue, and also users from around the world 😉

Thanks to all the Rosetta translators who contributed, and also special thanks to GNOME translation teams whose translation memories we used.