New ‘Top N’ Events widget

February 18, 2014

New ‘Top N’ Events widget

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A nice way of show various kind of information in Pandora FMS in the same screen are the Dashboards. A customizable “drag & drop” panel where you can create widgets with: graphs, reports, events, embebbed URLs content, etc.


More info about the Dashboard possibilities here.

Two new kind of widgets have been added for Pandora FMS 5 SP3:

  • Top N Events by agent: Ranking with top N agents with more events
  • Top N Events by module: Ranking with top N modules with more events



These widgets can be configured with max hour old of the events, how many events will be shown and filtered by group.

For example: Top 10 agents with more events of the group “Android devices” in the last 8 hours.


This feature is suitable in Enterprise version.

Do you wanna try it out? Request a free trial


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