Pandora FMS 4.1 is here! After a few weeks of testing with the RC1 and RC2 releases, the new stable version, Pandora FMS 4.1, is available in sourceforge.

try_version_4_1-02Improvements and new features of v4.1:

  • A totally new HTML5 Pandora Mobile console.
  • Visual improvements.
  • New Appliance CD, based on CentOS 6.4, which replaces the old one based on SUSE.
  • Enterprise ICMP & SNMP monitoring has been improved.
  • Improved performance on internal database.
  • Now the update manager supports proxies
  • Improved recon detection and topology mapping.
  • Now GIS information calculates the distance between measures and the total distance.
  • More flexible image configuration for GIS.
  • Improved Graphs configuration for Dashboard.
  • Some views have been simplified and new help pages and help tips have been added.
  • Improved Windows agent, with compatibility for new XML event system, coming with Windows 8 and 2012.


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