New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows

April 29, 2015

New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows

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This is a VBScript Local Plugin that creates modules setting several parameters. Pandora_odbc reads a configuration file, which defines Module Name, System DSN Name, User, Password, Database, Module Type and a SQL Query in CSV Format.

You must set the SQL Query between double quotes, like shown in the following example:

dbcheck_data,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_data,”SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.ejemplo WHERE id <> ‘0’”

dbcheck_string,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_data_string,”SELECT nombre FROM dbo.ejemplo ORDER BY id”

dbcheck_boolean,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_proc,”SELECT MAX(id) FROM dbo.ejemplo”


This plugin is available in all versions of Pandora FMS.

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