After almost 4 months since the last minor update of Pandora FMS, we started working to solve the new problems detected by our customers in complex environments. We have added small features and fixed some bugs that avoid us to have an optimal user experience and to make the most of the tool.

Among all the features that will be available in the new Service Pack 3 of Pandora FMS, worth remark the following:

  • Now Enterprise Servers uses FPING instead NMAP due some false positive errors and negative experiences in the past in some environments.
  • Graphs on Metaconsole are now directly rendered from the Metaconsole, avoiding to contact nodes for doing it. This avoid the usage of internal proxy or redirections.
  • Several improvements to the SNMP layer 2 recon script.
  • Windows agents: Replaced old inventory code in agents by external scripts, adding some new inventory modules: Windows Serial Code, Monitors Attached, Disk Drives, Printers, Domain users and improved software inventory.
  • New availability report:

Captura de pantalla 2015-07-02 a la(s) 18.10.21

Furthermore, we have solved many bugs that were causing little problems to the users, such as:

  • Some SLA report problems with data outside operating hours (if defined).
  • Problems with the order and hierarchy of groups in group view..
  • Problems with the inventory, which get dates in form editor report for this kind item.
  • Error when an agent is deleted from a policy with adopted modules, it deleted the alerts associated to that module..
  • Missing icons in the Metaconsola and in the Netflow graphic view.
  • Some issues with retries using fping (Enterprise Network Server, Satellite). Retry unreachable hosts (Enterprise ICMP, combining -C and -r on fping does not work as expected).
  • Problems on sync of event storms.
  • Errors in the history data in boolean and string charts.

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