In Pandora FMS 6.0 version, that will be released to the market in the coming months, we’ve added new mode to manage users more efficiently named ACL Strict.

Before developing this functionality, the ACL wasn’t working in a strict way, because, for example in the Tree View, the amount of elements shown in the total count doesn’t match with the number of elements displayed in the tree.

ACL Strict consists in a mode in which a single user has the visualization restricted to the things assigned through permissions, whether tags or groups, where he could only view or save the agents and the modules. Till now this was working only in some views (Agent Detail View), but it wasn’t being considered in totalized views such as the Group View or the Tactical View. Now it’s going to be taken into account in all views, including the Metaconsole ones.

This option can be enabled per user, and it’s recommended to activate it for non Administrator Users, that do not have assigned many groups or tags, just because it’s a very heavy task and the good performance of the rest of processes in the console could be affected.

To enable this option, you just have to go to the User Management menu, and in the User Detail Editor activate “Strict ACL” box.

ACL Strict Mode

With the ACL Strict, The count of modules and agents changes. Once the feature is enabled, only the modules and agents that you have access to will be counted, the same as the colors.
Suppose that you have a “XXX” group, and there’s an agent in it with 5 modules of which you only have access to three of them. With the ACL Strict Mode, only these three modules will be taken into account.

Also, at the time of changing the agent status, the ACL Strict will only consider the critical nature of the modules you have access to. This way, even if the other 2 modules that you don’t have access to were in Critical status, and the modules that you have access to were in Normal status, the agent will be displayed as Normal.

If you want to learn more about this feature, you can check the following link to the Pandora FMS wiki, where you will find all the information: