Nature monitoring, smart green returns to take care of the environment

What do you think the so-called smart cities may have in common? We can say that, as a basis, all of them are based on an urban development based on sustainability. Smart cities can meet the basic needs of the society they lodge. Including inhabitants, as a main objective, and institutions or companies. They also house the economic, social or environmental sectors in a digital and technological way. Today we will talk about nature monitoring in smart cities. Since nature is an important point in these more than communicative and civilized smart cities. In addition, we cannot allow for them to break down. Thanks to technologies such as monitoring, present in every little nook in smart cities, we can contribute our two cents.

Nature monitoring: What is monitoring?

Currently, software monitoring is already extended among all types of sectors. Basically, technology is used to be aware of the state of a system. Thanks to monitoring you can watch over any change, no matter how small it might be, in your network or install and follow up the components that make it up and the data that it processes. You can always keep tabs and act with perspective in any kind of situation.

If knowing the vital signs of a company is essential, imagine its usefulness in smart cities and, by extension, in its forests. All of that to be able to act by means of consistent protocols when necessary, and in addition, to prevent any disaster from sinking our green utopia.

Nature monitoring: possible applications

To monitor the environment, for example a forest, which we will call “Sherwood Forest” we will need common sense, a green-friendly spirit and a network operating system supported by a monitoring software that we will use to keep tabs on our forest.

With our common sense we will come to the conclusion that saving green spaces is necessary and, with our green-friendly spirit, we will take that willingness to get down to work and to raise awareness among those who lack common sense. And with our network operating system supported by a monitoring software, we will obtain the detailed knowledge about the vital signs of our forest to take consistent actions.

The Sherwood Forest spreads out over 1,045 acres, for example, coincidentally the same as its real namesake. Well, then, depending on the monitoring system you use, you can cover all those miles to a large extent. This task will be carried out through a wireless network for example. That’s right, installing and hiding all around the perimeter several IP cameras, from which we can access from any of our devices, to track things in real time. We will use strategic points to cover as much space as possible.

For nature monitoring and Sherwood Forest monitoring next to our smart city (our lookout site from where we will control everything), we will not only use cameras. Thanks to different identifiers, chosen in advance, we can also measure other parameters that indicate the vitality and well-being of our forest. Thanks to them, and to the instant connection with our monitoring system, we will have data on different factors that will allow us to act whenever necessary or simply gloat over how well our forest is doing.

Nature monitoring, always depending, of course, on the equipment, the technology and the monitoring software that we use, can warn us of the feared forest fires and of any other type of disturbances: changes, patterns, temperature oscillations, identification of species for their care and control, and many other things.

It may seem like science fiction, but no, for the good of our fantastic forest and for the next and more real ones that will come, already in 2009, members of the Aragón Engineering Research Institute worked together for the design and the start-up of a monitoring system consisting on hanging sensors from trees, connected to small batteries, which receive data on temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide… This data is transmitted by wireless communication to a central control supervised by expert staff whose aim is to prevent and keep fires away.

But that is not all, there are already cases supervised by the CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Research) in 2019 where “the monitoring of atmospheric conditions, soil and plant by means of sensors allows analyzing situations” in which plants change its genome to be more prepared for unforeseen events such as a drought. These developments in the knowledge of wheat genes, the plant studied by the CSIC together with an international team, enabled a new approach for wheat improvement processes or to obtain new wheat varieties. It also ensures that, in the future, wheat is better equipped genetically to cope with agro climatic changes.

As we see, nature monitoring is not as far as you may imagine.

Nature monitoring: Benefits

Broadly speaking, we can already identify the benefits of monitoring for our Sherwood Forest, but just in case it is not clear enough, let us just list a few:

  • Detecting and recording possible anomalies and incidents in real time. Before, we needed a large dissuasive column of smoke on the horizon to detect a forest fire, but not now.
  • Cover a large area of land with only one system.
  • Coordinate in real time possible responses to an incident. This entails being able to warn firefighters or civil protection, to solve any problem before it spreads.
  • Supervision and care of species. If the last red squirrel, which is almost extinct, is found out wandering around the edges of your forest, lucky you because this time you can take care of it like a little baby so that it does not get lost.

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