The monitoring need haunts us, these are some examples

As we have warned more than once in this blog: “No one is free from evil, because evil never rests”. Therefore, as a way of raising awareness, today we will focus on various calamities. Ominous events that happened to institutions with a certain reputation and that had a hard time at the time because they did not have a solution at hand. We will address it, of course, from the point of view of the monitoring need to resolve these incidents. This is a small compilation of “this would not have happened to you with a good monitoring system”, in order to verify the importance of monitoring software in large and small companies.

These cases may sound hypothetical, since I will not mention the real name of the companies, but they are real cases.

Monitoring need. First case: “Timmy’s not going to visit Disneyworld for his birthday.”

Imagine thousands of people lost and sobbing in their respective airports:
-Mommy, what’s going on?

-I don’t know, Timmy, but nothing works!

-Aren’t we going to Disneyworld? (a 4 year-old child sobbing).

-I don’t even know if we’re getting out of here, Timmy!

While the well-known airline does not answer questions, its Internet forums and hostesses are filled with complaints, cries and conspiracies.

At last the company breaks its silence, the media filters out that the whole disaster comes from a… electrical failure?Come on, no one believes that! A millionaire infrastructure and they say that someone has stumbled on a cable or something like that?

Everyone knows Al Cross, the “businessman” at the head of the company. He’s known to be a saver and a cheapskate. The guy must be saving a lot between subcontractors and system supports, and that eventually takes its toll, and here we are, Timmy, you, me, and thousands of people without their flight in this big catastrophe.

The worst part of the whole thing is the lack of control over the quality of the airline’s services. Every penny the company saves should equal one more gram of weight on its responsibility.

In the hysterical place of a collapsed waiting room at an airport, it was said that it was all due to a failure that put an end to internal communications and check-in and baggage handling systems. Pretty important things for a flight company. Then, backup systems that didn’t work.

Maybe Al Cross doesn’t know this, so we want to leave him a message. A good monitoring system, Al, verifies the functioning of the backup systems, those that failed in your company. Of course, it also controls those technicians that you have scattered around the world and checks that their response is propitious and on time. Monitoring also lets us know when an infrastructure has reached its limit or is on the verge of collapse. It measures, if necessary, service agreements with suppliers. It’s no use, Al, coming to me now with “our systems were overtaken by demand”. Monitoring systems warn you of what’s happening and give you the option to stay ahead of the disaster! So, Al, now you can explain to Timmy why he’s not flying to Disneyworld for his birthday.

Moral: There is a monitoring need.

Monitoring need. Case two: “Grandma Paca has no faith in technology.”

Paca is an old lady. For some years now, she has been carrying a pain in her lumbar region behind her, and when it worsens, she is sent directly to the hospital amid cries for revenge. She is always accompanied by her entourage of children and grandchildren.

Not long ago, in her province, a massive failure occurred in the computer systems of 18 hospitals and other primary care centers. Imagine thousands of people in a desperate line in the waiting room, aching and worried, waiting for their date and their history while, they thought they were going to drop dead right there. Among all of them, Paca stands out, who went from one hospital to another.

-But how can these types of system failures be repeated over and over again if it is so easy to prevent them with good monitoring? – said Paca’s youngest son, a copywriter in a monitoring software company.

Technology is a hoax! And they say that the man has set foot on the moon! But he can’t even fix this mess! – Paca shouted to his son.

-Mom, technology can foresee this type of incident, and the solution is simple…

-You filthy liar! -Paca replied.

In 2018, a spokesman, Peter Ledesma, had to come out and explain a little what was happening to all the Pacas in the province. He spoke of the collapse of the computer system, which affected all these hospitals and health centers in the province. He said, that everything was caused by the collapse of a balancing system and in order to fix it they had to redistribute all the data and management to other servers of the hospital network.

Paca’s son copywriter said: “And why hasn’t the same system which works in many other provinces, caused problems in them? And why haven’t they explained the measures they are going to take so that it doesn’t happen again? Why? I’ll tell you why, because they don’t have a clue what really happened, they can’t prevent it. I’m going to ride Grandma Paca in a wheelchair for all eternity, if we go on like this. Mr. Peter Ledesma, from here I tell you that since the seventies, in computing, this prevention of events of this type is called monitoring. And there are different applications and softwares that can help you.

-Mama Paca, you know where I work, don’t you?


-You see, they could have solved everything with their monitoring software. Monitoring ensures that the network systems are not overloaded and warns those responsible if it is going to happen. It measures if the “confirmation” of those responsible is truthful and arrives on time. With monitoring you can tell if a system is going to collapse, before it happens, Mom! It serves to highlight where the problem is and that it does not happen again, and if there are still misfortunes, well, at least you will know what they are about and you will be able to explain yourself better in the communications.

– Mmmm… I don’t believe it.

-But for God’s sake, what do I have to do for this woman to regain faith in technology?

Moral: There is a monitoring need.

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