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The idea of monitoring is something much older than we think, and as you can imagine, it goes far beyond the monitoring of patients’ vital signs in hospitals. In this case, let’s look at how monitoring in a hospital, in a factory or in a software company, have much more in common than we might think. Let’s start at the beginning.

What is monitoring? Let’s find out why you should monitor your business:

Monitoring ,in any area ,“helps you be aware of the state of a system, in case there is a major change, the right people (or the right systems) are informed and can act accordingly.”
So far everything seems very simple, right? Going back to the example of patient monitoring in a hospital, a person would be “connected” to different diagnostic machines in order to know at all times their vital signs. If you currently own a company, or if you are part of one, monitoring will work exactly the same way, “by knowing the vital signs of your company”, thus being able to act with different protocols when necessary, preventing your business from being exposed to disaster.

But let’s go a step further. Imagine that you own a nuclear power plant and hire monitoring software. At the plant it is very important that everything works perfectly, because if there were any failure, radioactivity could be released, which could cause fires in the reactor machines and even explosions. Using monitoring software ensures that everything works properly, and in the event that something starts to go wrong, it warns you quickly so that a protocol of action can be implemented to avoid disaster.

Imagine that you have hired Homer Simpson as an operator, and you do not have any monitoring system and he is the one who should warn you in case there is a problem … no need to say more.

monitor your business

Let’s have a look at different businesses, monitoring is not always as critical as in this case and is aimed to all types of environments. Every company has different needs and for this reason, you must select a flexible monitoring software that suits your business and that has the tools that interest you the most. The nuclear power plant will not have the same needs as a hospital, or a distribution company, or a gas station or a software development company.

Monitoring is controlling the parameters to know its operation and to be able to act accordingly if necessary. Therefore, monitoring software must be able to monitor any type of infrastructure, whether it is a device, network, application or the entire infrastructure of a business. Each company has specific needs, and only by knowing these needs, you can set goals and monitor everything that is important.

At this point, I am pretty sure that you have a small idea of ​​what monitoring is, so we will continue to see which companies might need monitoring systems.

What types of companies are monitoring their systems?

Companies of all types and sizes that provide all kinds of services. Well, to give you an idea, monitoring software like Pandora FMS, works with companies like Rakuten, EMT, security companies like G4S, Salvesen Logística, Repsol, Telefónica and many more. If you want to know more about these collaborations you can find some of our success stories.

As you can imagine, Repsol and the University of Zaragoza will have completely different needs, so here is the thing we talked about earlier, the more flexible the monitoring system the more adaptable your business will be. This is the main problem with other monitoring tools, each business is different and not all tools are able to adapt to different environments.

Going back to your business, all companies now have the need to improve their company internally and in order to achieve this, first you must know how every part of your business works, this way you can fix the failures and even prevent them from happening. If your company losses money every time networks, e-mail, or customer service personnel fail, you may need a monitoring system.

Also, each department will need different information, so the tool must be adapted to its environment, neither everyone wants to see the same, nor do we understand the same patterns.

Why you should monitor your business

If you have spent your money on employees, material, equipment, software and if any of these investments have been wasted, you should choose monitoring software. The monitoring systems are used to make a profit from your investments and services, getting ahead of the problems and keeping everything under control.

Monitoring will ensure that all the critical elements are being managed correctly, avoiding unnecessary losses. Whatever your company, monitor your business, both hardware and software, networks, materials and infrastructures, applications, etc. So you can anticipate and prevent things from failing.

In the market, there are hundreds of companies, each one with different prices, as well as different characteristics. Before choosing a monitoring system make sure that, at least, it has the following characteristics:

Features needed when choosing a monitoring system:

  • Satisfaction of having everything under control
  • Fewer problems because you can get ahead of them.
  • Cost savings when making a profit from investments

Here are some of the features that not all systems have, but you should take into account:

  • Monitor: If a monitoring tool does not monitor, then there is something wrong. A monitoring system must obtain information from all the places that are needed, from a router, to a computer, to APIS, to mobiles, to GPS, or whatever is really necessary. In addition, it should be simple to add new devices to be monitored. And here there should be no limits, if you find the right tool and system, everything should be possible.
  • Alert: If we monitor but we do not find out what is happening, then we are doing something wrong. You should be able to detect failures as soon as they arise. There is no point in discovering that all the servers are down one week later. Hence the word “in real time”. Also, you should find out what is going on by just taking a quick look at it in order to find out where the problem is, and if it is necessary to monitor all those things that could fail. These warnings should arrive easily and quickly, either by SMS, WhatsApp, email, sound alerts, etc.
  • Easy-to-read reports: Monitoring is not just about getting an alert that warns you when something is not right. It should have reports based on a knowledge base created with the software in order to see graphs of data, summaries and charts, adapted for each group. It must be adapted to the business, to the applications, to the operating system, to the networks and communications and to the hardware.
  • It is flexible and easy to adapt to all types of business: Or at least with your business.
  • Scalability: Okay, you’ve already selected your monitoring tool. But will it support the growth of your business without getting out-dated? And can you monitor the entire infrastructure you need? Keep this in mind.
  • Price: Nowadays, there is a lot of competition and most of them are, in our opinion, very high-priced. Therefore, Pandora FMS is available at an affordable price for companies. You can check the prices of Pandora FMS here.
  • Technical support: with the right knowledge and available when needed.
  • Powerful user community: In this case Pandora FMS has a large Open source community. This allows us to listen to customers and users, in order to fulfil their needs.

In today’s market you can find a lot of monitoring software, but Pandora FMS stands out for its great flexibility, and is directed to all kinds of environments providing great savings by covering your entire infrastructure without having to invest money in other tools. For more information visit our website and start using Pandora FMS today.

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