Christmas. That endearing time in which the streets are dressed in lights, fallen leaves cover the floor and warm couples hold hands. Children smile and chimneys smoke. Gingerbread and homemade almond cake become our sweet treats and, if we are lucky, a friendly family member offers to give us the Christmas bonus. Yes! At Pandora FMS we love this time of the year and we could not miss this chance to wish you a Merry Christmas 2021.

Merry Christmas 2021 from the whole Pandora FMS team

On these days we like to have sweets and for us there is nothing sweeter than each of the small and great achievements that we managed to unlock this year. A difficult year for everyone due to the damn persistence of the coronavirus, but thanks to our team, our clients and users we managed to save it. 

Without going any further, Pandora FMS has already managed to be present in more than fifty countries around the world. The company has strengthened its position and continues to grow. In fact, we wait for the terraforming and colonization of Mars to get established, definitely, as the best software for monitoring the Martian colonies.  

As many of you know, we have also changed the location of our offices, from Madrid’s Gran Vía to a dream building in Perez Iglesias Business Park, also in Madrid. Here are a few Instagrammer pictures to show off and to get your like!

Due to the current and tiresome pandemic we have also established and strengthened the telework system. And, hey, we worked like a charm. Pure productivity without losing an iota of soul, because when we get bored we go to barbecue or we simply meet to have a drink downtown as good colleagues.

Some of the new projects we carried out

But not everything is parties, free yoga classes and grilled bacon, Pandora FMS has been working hard too. We give you a couple of headlines from this already almost concluded year 2021.

ÁRTICA becomes official CNA. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the association with INCIBE, this 2021 ÁRTICA, the company behind Pandora FMS, has become the official CNA of CVE. Thus showing Pandora FMS’s commitment to the security of information systems and its strong coalition with researchers from around the world.

The program has two hundred and one CNA from thirty-two countries, ÁRTICA being, right now, number two hundred in the world, third in Spain.

Pandora FMS presents Monitoring as a service

On the way to perfecting its services, Pandora FMS launches one of the most advanced and complete solutions in its history as monitoring software: Monitoring as a Service (MaaS).

Because yes, it is time for you to have Pandora FMS ready to use and ready to cover all your needs. Avoid, from now on, wasting valuable resources on installation, maintenance and operation, MaaS is fully intended as a flexible and easy-to-understand subscription model. Are you curious about it? Learn more about it here.

New channel program as a business development strategy

Artica Pandora PFMS, with the firm intention of expanding its worldwide network of partners and always within the field of global growth strategy, this year has worked on its channel program.

We did so together with companies that complement, with their knowledge of client business, the wide range of monitoring, incident management and remote management services provided by Pandora FMS, Pandora FMS Remote Control and Pandora FMS ITSM products.

Find out a little more on the subject in this article.

Pure Product

Throughout the year, Pandora FMS has released a series of releases on a monthly and continuous basis. They have included all the evolution, innovation and fixes that Pandora FMS workers have added to our tool. There have been so many improvements (Amazon S3 in Discovery, SQL Server in Discovery…) that it would be impossible to describe them in a single article, but we leave you some of them.

In this version we introduce a new Metaconsole component, the Command Center, which allows working in a unified way in nodes, in a much more agile and fail-safe way.

We introduced for the first time in Pandora FMS a new network computer management system, which allows you to distribute configuration changes in a customized way to network computers differentiating by model and provider.

The new Pandora FMS alert server allows parallelization of the alert execution load in another component, so that monitoring processing is not affected in alert storm situations.

A new specific view has been added to be able to see the network interfaces that are being monitored. On the one hand there is the general view where you may filter among the different agents that carry out said monitoring and on the other hand a special view within each agent.

WARP is the new version of the old Pandora FMS update system (Update manager). The new version allows you to apply server and console updates without having to execute any command in the terminal.

High-performance code previously only supported on IPv4 now applies to IPv6 as well, enhancing existing polling capabilities.

These new modules compare the current average with the average of the previous period and return the difference in absolute value or as a percentage. They are useful to express in a simple way that, for example, the use of your network is currently 25% higher than last week, or that the temperature is 2ºC above normal if you compare it to the previous month.

It allows a module changing status to be specified based on a percentage change in the value of the last data received. That way, it is more intuitive to define the situations in which you consider that a module goes into WARNING or CRITICAL status

And if you like numbers and statistics the figures are clear and generous, this year we added a total of 753 plugins to the library, we have +44k registered installations up to now, we also have 5566 commits, and we solved a total of 1593 issues, from which 1064 of them were bugs and 181 new features. We closed 1750 support tickets and we have 370 users for support.


And these are just a few small strokes of all the success achieved throughout this 2021 thanks, we repeat, to all our colleagues and to all our clients and followers. That is why we will not stop repeating it over and over again: Merry Christmas 2021! May you have all your loved ones as close as the frozen bottle of champagne and the mix of chocolates, sweets and nougat.

Would you like to find out more about what Pandora FMS can offer you? Learn more clicking here. If you have to monitor more than 100 devices, you may also enjoy a Pandora FMS Enterprise FREE 30-day TRIAL. Cloud or On-Premise installation, you choose!! Get it here.

Finally, remember that if you have a reduced number of devices to monitor, you can use the Pandora FMS OpenSource version. Learn more information here. Do not hesitate to send us your questions.  The great team behind Pandora FMS will be happy to assist you!And if you want to keep up with all our news and you like IT, releases and, of course, monitoring, we wait for you in our blog and in our different social networks, from   Linkedin  to   Twitter  going through the unforgettable   Facebook . We even have a Youtube channel with the best narrators. Oh, we almost forgot, we also have a new Instagram channel! Follow our account, we still have a long way to go to match that of Billie Eilish.

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