After three months since the last minor update of Pandora FMS 5.0, here comes the new Service Pack 4, full of news, updates, bug fixes and much more. You can find bellow a detailed list of all changes and improvements we have made in console, server and agent level.

News in the Pandora FMS Console

  • Visually improved Mobile Console.
  • Improved menu interface.
  • New monthly SLA reports (Only for Enterprise version).
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed “resolution” of custom graphs to have the same results of simple graphs when have data of more than one month.
  • Improved SNMP Interface Wizard.
  • Improved Metaconsole Wizard (Only for Enterprise version).
  • Now the linked visual consoles are opened in another page.
  • Fixed ACL tags in complex scenarios (profiles with groups, tags and propagation).
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Fix on events API function (ACL problems).

News in the Pandora FMS Server

  • Fixed the notinit_count in the agents after the delete of the not init modules.
  • Fixed plugin execution failure when multibyte characters are used in plugins macros.
  • Fix on DB compactation (proc modules).

News in the Pandora FMS Agent

  • Fixed problem in Debian packaging (missing plugins).

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