10 IT tips to follow during Covid 19 pandemic

We would love to stop writing articles that have as main topic the Covid 19 pandemic that is devastating the planet during 2020. Unfortunately, it’s still here, being the talk of the town. But don’t worry, one day, not too far away, we will fully turn back to what truly makes us a green blog: the world of technology and everything related to it and our monitoring adventurous spirit.

In the meantime, however, we keep on helping in the task of overcoming any obstacle that this cursed and stubborn virus might impose. We must confess that making it hard for him is also a form of delight and rejoice. That is why today we are going to try to give a couple of IT tips to deal with it in this sector.

IT Tips for Covid 19

Always have chargers at hand

It seems stupid, but now our devices work at full capacity. It is not uncommon to believe that you are still at 100% when all of a sudden everything shuts down because saving mode switches on. Therefore, always have chargers nearby so that your batteries are always charged or plug your devices directly into a power supply.

Get an application to organize our tasks

I know that you may come to the conclusion that everything is perfectly ordered in your head and that you are capable of organizing yourself better than a mother and a school planner together, but the reality is different. Believe me, it is always much better to have an application that manages tasks for you, perhaps a calendar or a simple digital pad. The most common are mail management applications. They do not usually disappoint.

Always keep your computer up to date

There is nothing worse than having an urgent meeting, starting the computer and that it has to update for half an hour for not having done it before. Well, yes there are worse things like whooping cough or soaking your socks in the middle of a hiking route, but the fact is that we can solve this. How? You know, always be on the lookout for updates on all your devices. Professionalize being on the lookout. Do it more than the companies that drive and maintain them. Refresh your computer and keep it up to date.

Have a good Internet connection

It may seem dumb to point this out, but it is essential. If you are going to be isolated because of this damn virus, it is best that you focus and take care of your only way of communication with the outside, besides the window and the Sunday call home.

So check all the wires and connectors, the available speed, update and restart the router correctly, avoid those apps that connect without reason, do not overflow the connection, kick intruders from your WiFi, and pray to the almighty Network so it is not missing for a second.

Secure access to the corporate VPN

You already know what a VPN is, right? A virtual network, which has a private and encrypted connection and which allows you to access the Internet safely. That’s what you need. Especially to work from home.

At some point, VPNs were something new and exotic, but they have already become an indispensable tool. Especially to protect your privacy online and avoid any type of attack or being tracked.

The best thing to go unnoticed in the jungle that is the Internet. You will go from being an easy target for lions to track to being perfectly camouflaged in the environment with one of those outfits that Rambo made fashionable.

Have an antivirus

If it has been useful so far, imagine how much it could help you when you are totally mired in a situation of social isolation. As we have already exemplified, when you are homebound, the Internet is your only window to the world and through that window, unfortunately, EVERYTHING could get in.

Today it is almost impossible to browse the Internet without this computer prophylactic. The existing threats are dangerous and varied and lurk in every site we visit throughout the network. Do not be a victim of these attacks, viruses or malware when you use your computer the most.

An adequate workspace

We are not talking about reaching Taoist Nirvana by keeping the Feng Shui of your room. We are talking about tidying the chaos or even having an office for just doing the serious tasks with your computer. A nice and structured place that makes it easier for you to get professional in front of the screen. Yes, you can keep your Guns and Roses poster and occasionally let the cat in, even not wear shoes, but please, make sure the place you prepare is a sanctuary, more or less rectilinear and pleasant, so that it allows you to perform the same tasks that you would do smiling in an office.

Always have headphones, microphone and webcam at hand

Video conferences are going to become an indispensable element in your life. Either for work meetings or to meet your mate to do yoga online. Check all the equipment to make sure video conferences work properly. Find the best platform to do it, there are a thousand and increasingly more professional. Keep your mic and headphones ready too.

Remote working days must be recorded

In order to never give reasons for complaint or to keep your work life always organized, it is better that you adapt to signing telematically.

Remote work is a very serious thing, even though you spend it in your underwear. And to perpetuate this lighter lifestyle, in which you can work without having to suffer inclement weather, the subway and the office, it is best that you behave responsibly and sign properly and on time, completing your hours and recording them thanks to an application specifically designed for it. The one you choose.

You must be reachable by phone

The Internet is the best, we all agree, but as long as there is an Internet connection. If il fails, because the Internet or your computer has decided to stop working, you must have a plan B. Although it might be something more rudimentary. I’m not talking about preparing your door for letters and decalogues strung with arrows, I’m talking about being reachable by phone. If you do not have a landline, because God has wanted them to go extinct, be reachable by cell phone. We don’t want your mother nor your boss to worry.

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