IT success; 6 important issues for an CIO or CTO

The work of the people who occupy senior positions in the IT areas is not simple; on the contrary, it has become more and more complex. Over the years, IT has become more deeply integrated into the business of companies, to a key spot that goes far beyond what they had just a few years ago.

Therefore, these managers are forced to work on a three aspects; on the one hand, they must have up-to-date technical knowledge that allows them to carry out their skills; on the other hand, they must know the business in depth; finally, they must know how to combine both aspects satisfactorily.

As we said, it is not an easy task to achieve success in IT. How about we see some clues to make it happen?

IT success; 6 issues to think about

-IT is no longer just a cost to businesses

It’s been the traditional vision, but it can’t stay that way.

For decades, IT has been considered an expense to the company, and the work of the area managers was often to know how to justify spending.

However, digital transformation has turned this way of understanding things. Thanks to it, IT has become an area that creates business, that can provide revenue and not just expenses to the company, and that can also be a source of savings. That’s why both income generation and cost savings (not only from IT, but from other departments through IT) will also be part of the authorities of area managers.

-Not everything is discovered

Have you ever wondered about “how is it possible that no one has come up with it”?

When we have a good idea it’s natural to think about why no one has come up with it before. What happens is that good ideas are often not as obvious as they appear to us after we have gone through a process of reflection, often unconscious.

In the IT sector, it sometimes seems that, at least in certain fields, everything was already invented. However, there may be hidden business opportunities where no one has repaired or are not yet properly exploited. This is one of the ways through which IT integrates into the business and gains in importance within the company, so don’t forget about it.

-You can also find inspiration elsewhere

As an IT manager you will be forced to innovate, but it will not be easy if you always use the same sources of inspiration.

Why don’t you look for innovation in new places? Fairs, technology magazines… you probably already know almost all of them, but have you tried looking for inspiration in fields not so related to your sector? Transversal thinking – that buzzword – can help you develop new ideas that you may find harder to create if you always go to the same sources.

-Disconnection can add value to your work

Sometimes, disconnection will be the best way to reconnect.

Stay away from the digital realm for a few days. If you’re too involved in it, you’ll forget that there’s a life “out there” and that, after all, a lot of your work has to do with it.

It is well known that rest allows our brains to unconsciously process the knowledge acquired to create new ideas. Take a few days of relaxation and you’ll see how you see things differently after the comeback, and you may even find the solution to that problem that has been going on for so long.

-Don’t forget to look for digital gaps

Although it is a term that is used more in other fields, the concept of digital divide is increasingly present in companies.

Part of your job will be to prevent them from arising in yours. Think about it, because it’s not so rare for it to happen. After all, you are not in a static place, but you are in a constant race with your competition. Thus, you may think that you are taking advantage of all the possibilities that technology provides to your business, but perhaps you have lagged behind those that your competitors have and that are putting them in an advantageous position.

-Monitoring is becoming more important

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