We are proud to introduce Pandora FMS 5.1. This brand new version takes a step forward in monitoring and arrives with many improvements that will make your daily life much easier. Pandora FMS 5.1 is a completely improved version that lets you have a more efficient, interactive and intuitive experience when monitoring your systems. It has the following new features:

Satellite Server

  • This new enterprise server will help you monitor any network within minutes.
  • Allows you to do headless, distributed monitoring for WMI, ICMP, SNMP v1/2 and plugin execution.
  • Integrates a discovery mechanism which can discover a SNMP/WMI devices in network sweep.
  • Allows thousands of checks per second. Runs on Windows and Linux alike.
  • Reports the information back to the dataserver and doesn’t require a direct connection with the pandora database.
  • Allows the management of discovered remote devices on a specific tool in the console.
  • It is distributed in a binary with its own installer (windows & linux)

satellite server

Improved Enterprise Network Map (Network & Interface level)

This feature has been almost rewritten from scratch. Now we can display interfaces in each host and detect new systems in the map (based on groups or IP addresses). This new map is 100% manageable with GUI and allows you to manually setup the relationship between interfaces, hosts, and fictional points forwarding to other maps.

mapas de red


Windows Support for Server & Console
Starting with 5.1 version, now Pandora FMS can be installed in a windows server. We have developed a new installer which includes all components (including MySQL) to let you use Pandora FMS in your windows server.

instalacion windows


IPAM (IP Address Management)
Using the IPAM extension, we can manage, discover and get events on changes on any hosts in a given network. We can know if a given IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) changes, its availability (answer to a ping) or hostname (using dns resolution). We also can detect its OS and link an IP address to a current Pandora FMS agent, adding the IP address to their currently assigned addresses.



Realtime Monitoring
This feature will be very useful to identify problems on the server (CPU, IO Load, Pandora processing rate) or Network outages in any SNMP device reachable from the console. It will render information in realtime with 1 / 10 seconds of intervals between data requests.

monitorizacion en tiempo real


Improved Visual Console
This will come with custom graphs, custom HTML code for items and QR codes for sharing public URLs.

consola visual


New Monthly SLA Reports
Customized enterprise reports for getting a detailed monthly view for each monitor you need.

informes sla


Network Devices Configuration Change Management
With Pandora FMS 5.1 you can detect a configuration change in your router/switch
and get a notification. You can also view with a visual “diffview” the changes
between both configurations and check different date setups.



Other Important Features

  • New WMI Recon: This new recon detects Window hosts, auto discover CPU(s), Memory and Disk(s).
  • New SNMP recon: Similar to 5.0 version, but this version also detects Link Level (L2) topologies between SNMP enabled devices, linking its interfaces.
  • Module relationships: You can now define relationship between modules of different agents. This is used in L2 Network Maps, and will be used in the next versions to create a fully APM Stack monitoring.
  • Network Interface View: Now you can see the network information in the main view of the agent, showing Interface name, MAC, IP Address and status.
  • Customized Scheduler: The improved task scheduler can be used now for deploying advanced monitoring plugins (like the new VMWare plugin) or your own scripts.
  • Custom graphs in visual console: This was a popular demand from our user community user. Now it’s available as component in the visual console.

How to get Pandora FMS 5.1?

Are you interested in the Enterprise version?. Request a free trial of Pandora FMS 5.1 Enterprise and evaluate the software for thirty days.


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