Interface improvements
Improved visual interface, with new screens, cleaning up of small visual details and improvements in contextual help.

High precision
Enterprise version now offers higher-accuracy graphs, reports and SLA calculations, accurate to 4 decimal places.

Automated mapping improvements
Improvements in automated mapping of new users deriving from Active Directory. Group functions and a simplified editor.

Customization improvements
With the Enterprise version you can easily customize welcome screens and headers.

New widgets
New dashboard widgets. Now it’s easier to create simple control panels showing module values, with labels and icons.


Useful graphics
proved graphics keys and fonts means improved usability.

Image data integrated
Now includes image data integrated in text modules. Get visual feedback on alerts and network status through the Pandora FMS console.

Dashboard v 01 for mobile devices
Pandora FMS is mobile. As well as receiving alerts and reports through your mobile device now it’s also possible to have a full dashboard view of your system’s activity. Look out for more updates soon.

Visualization improvements
Improved visualization of area graphs. See-through screens allow you to overlay images for a more complete view of graphs and charts.

Bug fixing
Over 200 debugs performed since SP3 in July, 2016.

Other improvements

  • Agents which have not been initialized are now removed from dynamic report templates.
  • Optional superimposition of 95th percentile in some reports and graphs.
  • Additional internal auditing functions.
  • See the percentage of critical agents in group view.
  • Improved functioning of MIBS explorer in recursive directories.
  • Multibyte character support in macro plugins (local components).

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