In Pandora FMS, when an alert it’s been fired several actions can be defined by default, such as sending an SMS or sending an email to the user with information about what is happening.

Since Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 version, alert mails can have HTML format, which allow the user to freely customize them.

Up to know, the alert mails sent to the user, only contained plaintext information, but since the last update of version, it’s possible to configure the alert via HTML. This way, and partly through the creation of a new macro, you can introduce more variety of elements such as images, graphs, and all the contents previously defined by the user in the console. Besides, if you add images to your email alerts, the routes will be available for the receptor, wich is very useful.

Once the action is executed, the user will receive a mail in his inbox, where he could view the parameters defined in the alerts and change them if he finds it necessary.

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