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How to configure alerts via email

May 20, 2013

How to configure alerts via email

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We have just posted a new entry in Openideas wiki for those users who have doubts on how to configure alerts via e-mail. With this feature, you will easily receive alerts on any device where your mail account is configured. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive alerts on any device you like if an unexpected change or problem occurs before they became a worse issue for your organization.

  1. Guido Leenders

    I have tried on Pandora FMS Build PC130519 to create first an alert action (success) and then an alert (success when specifying an agent/module).I seem unable to generate a generic email message to be sent when any event occurs on ANY module. How can I establish that?

    • nil

      Event correlation / Event alerts are on the enterprise version only, we call it event correlation. That allow you to for example, set a tag on "storage" modules, and set an alert for any event of critical coming from "storage" tag on group "servers", sending an emailin Opensource, you can do the same by using the massive operations to copy an alert definition over hundreds of modules.

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