Hotels of the future; a unique experience. Find out what they are.

When we think about the future, we tend to do it in the long term. But the future may be closer than we think.

If we talk about hotels of the future, we do not need to go too far in time. Advances in robotics, home automation and artificial intelligence are creating new experiences for the clients in Hotels. Soon, new technologies will reach almost every hotel on earth, and staying in one of them will become an adventure. Prepare yourself for what is coming.

In the future, upon arrival at the hotel, you will probably be surprised to find out that there won’t be any human at the reception (except maybe some customer). Instead of the classic receptionist, an interactive screen will guide you in your own language through the check-in process, along with the reservation you requested online. Even for the reservation process you will have new options that are yet to be created. Thanks to the Internet it will be very easy to know if there is a room available in that hotel which you have been dreaming about for weeks. Only an app will be needed for this, this app will inform you instantly if the room is available through geolocation, without having to do a search, and without having to go to the reception desk.

If you still have traditional suitcases, that soon will change, there are already smart suitcases that follow you wherever you go, a robot bellhop will come to pick them up and take them to your room. By the way, nowadays this also exists especially in some advanced hotels. If you have any doubts, a robot receptionist equipped with artificial intelligence will assist you promptly, and of course also in your own language.

As soon as you get to your room, you will not have to put the key in the door or use an electronic card to open the door, you will only have to use your mobile phone. Some hotels are already doing this.

Inside the room, the possibilities offered by home automation will turn your stay into anything you desire. Devices such as tablets or even your own mobile phone will allow you to control anything you want (air conditioning, light, blinds, etc.), and also some new ones, such as augmented reality devices or personal robots to help you with any task such as ironing or storing clothes.

If you have forgotten something at home, do not panic, a 3D printer will be placed in your own room, which will allow you to have an identical copy straight away. This could even help you reduce your luggage.

Another interesting feature will be the visual experience. In addition to the traditional and necessary windows, the rest of the walls of the room will be filled with screens of different sizes, with these screens, the guest will be transported to any environments they wish from a space environment to a submarine and they will also be able to find more about the city they are visiting. These same screens can also be used for any other purpose (to watch films, work with them, or maybe to do a video conference with family members, or to connect these screens to our mobile phone).

But these will not be the only advantages of hotels of the future. In the bathroom you will find a smart mirror, which will tell you why you feel that stomach pain and how to solve it, or if you need to see a doctor, all of this will be done through facial recognition techniques and breath analysis.

A smart bed will be able to adapt to your shape of body in order to give you a great sleep. Even neurotechnology could give you a customised sleep.

Wait, we have not finished yet, there is more about the hotels of the future…

As soon as you leave your room, you will probably want to eat something. In the hotel restaurant, robot waiters will serve you the best meals, prepared by expert robot cooks who will cook in a customised way taking into account your own taste and those recipes you want them to do and also they will keep in mind things like allergies, intolerances, etc.

Instead of traditional lounges with newspapers and a television, the leisure offer of the hotel will be much more attractive. Virtual reality rooms will make your stay a unique experience, and they might even have online competitions too.

The hotel spa will change completely in the hotels of the future. Traditional places will give way to new spaces in which temperatures, scents, images and textures will come together to create an experience for the senses and health care.

Some hotels will be completely themed. For example, one hotel could use all its technology to experience the Middle Ages. Another one could make you feel as if you were living in a space station. Use your imagination, because you can probably even get experiences tailored to your needs, as if you were living inside a movie.

In addition to all this, the very architecture and location of the hotels will turn them into a show and will create unique experiences. Underwater hotels will allow us to have fish as night mates. Hotels embedded in mountains will bring us closer to Nature and will allow us to enjoy it from our room. Floating hotels will challenge your vertigo and will give you amazing views.

Do you think this is an amazing technological advance? Indeed, it is, and although you might not believe it now, but soon you will see it. And by the way, for all that technology to work properly, it will have to be properly monitored.

Monitoring of computer systems is responsible for monitoring the state of operation of all types of devices and applications. So, for example if a robot breaks down, a monitoring system could detect that things are not going well so it must be removed from service. Or it could detect that the application of the interactive screen in the reception desk works slower than normal. Or when some of the home automation devices in a room have been damaged. These are just a few examples; monitoring can do this and much more.

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