Hey, listen! Have you heard the news? Pandora FMS is among the nominees to the SourceForge “Community Choice” Project of the Month for November!

If you’re anything like most software developers, or you have a great interest on open-source software projects, you must already know about SourceForge. This web-based service founded in 1993 is well known among programmers, since it works as a meeting point for all those who want to find a certain free and open-source software to use, and all the creators that develop and publish their own project there for others to use.

What makes a project up for being nominated? Well, candidates are selected among projects that have recently been voted Project of the Week, which means they also have a high number of downloads in the previous month, and have received positive user feedback.

Being elected as Community Choice Project of the Month means being featured on SourceForge homepage for the whole month of November, right there, for everyone to see, which is a great way to spread the word about our project, bearing in mind the humongous amount of registered users that SourceForge has. Should Pandora FMS be elected, we will also have the opportunity to be featured in an interview on SourceForge’s blog.

But for that to become a reality, we need to actually be the community’s choice, which means your vote is needed! Pandora FMS is listed among other great open-source projects, such as Ditto, SCons or Hibernate, so we need your help to win; you can vote for us right here:


To vote you must have a SourceForge account and go to the forum post above, so just by clicking on the link, you can add a comment on the thread with: VOTE: pandora to show your support from now until October 15th.

Our team would also like to thank SourceForge and everyone who takes the time to vote for Pandora FMS in this month’s “Community Choice” Project of the Month. Thanks for your support!

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