Temperature Monitoring: Pandora FMS’s new superpower

One of the great pleasures of life, next to sunbathing parallel to a swimming pool, walking along the beach at sunset or eating chocolate in all its aspects, is the fact that we can relate, in this blog, elements of science fiction with elements that we can count on today in real life and that no one seems to have noticed. That’s why today, in “Pandora FMS News“, we’ll talk about temperature monitoring, something that’s already available to everyone.

Someday we will make a live delay from the apocalypse, when the machines begin their mastery of the world as we know it, but for now, we’ll talk about something so special and science fictional for some people: temperature monitoring.

Heat monitoring system: Heat Maps with Pandora FMS

As we have discussed in excellent previous articles, monitoring is the key to success in multiple fields of life, from the technological performance of a company to transit management in a city. Therefore, in this article, we will refer to a rather particular monitoring that Pandora FMS can perform. We will also refer to the visual way that this software has to represent this temperature monitoring.

Temperature monitoring. What is it? What’s it for?

Temperature monitoring tries, as we can subtly deduce from its name, to monitor the temperature of an object or place using specific tools. For some time now, the temperature of technological elements such as computers or servers could be monitored automatically, thanks to checks carried out by the device itself. Due to advances in computer systems, temperature monitoring has now gone further, being able to monitor different devices whose temperature is a critical parameter. Examples might be the cold of a refrigerator or the heat of a boiler.

Let’s take a more practical example of using temperature monitoring. Let’s use all the mental strength we have left to imagine a grocery store, “Pepi Products”, in which we have different aisles that must be within specific temperature ranges for the preservation of their products. Thanks to temperature monitoring we can monitor each of the aisles with temperature sensors, which will send their information to a device with which we can monitor them. This will fix Pepi’s life, now famous in the neighborhood for harmonizing the good control of citrus fruits and the quality of the vegetables, all of this in a personalized microclimate designed for the good of the world’s population (who lives in the neighborhood).

The questions that remain to be answered are:

  1. Can Pandora FMS perform this monitoring?
  2. How does Pandora FMS do it?

Temperature monitoring with Pandora FMS


  1. Of course it can, what were you thinking?
  2. We’ll see it, right now.

Pandora FMS is capable of monitoring temperature and carrying out predefined actions flexibly, according to the values obtained. For that, the only requirement is having an agent monitoring the temperature sensor in charge of measuring. Once the agent is created, create the necessary modules to compile the temperature information of the object/place to monitor. Additionally, you may configure a temperature value range. Actions are performed within the stablished range. For instance: you have a refrigeration area that you need to keep at -10 degrees (maximum). So you would set a range of values from -10 to infinite, where if there is a value within that range, the temperature is supposed to be wrong. Right then, following this example and as long as your equipment would allow it, the machine’s temperature would decrease to reach the desired temperature once more.

I know, right now you think: “Wow, how good is Pandora FMS that it can even monitor temperatures. But would it be possible to visualize it in any way?” The answer is: “Yes!” . One of the latest additions to the visual consoles that the Pandora FMS tool has had, was the introduction of heat maps. This functionality allows heat to be represented using fuzzy colored clouds. The color palette will depend on the temperature value. Through the settings of this view you can create ranges of values by which the representation will be one color or another, with greater or lesser blur.

temperature monitoring 1

Let us keep on with the previous example. Once you have the agents monitoring the store sensors and you have the required modules, it would be the time to create the desired heat map. First we should add a map of the store as background to place the sensors, each one in its corresponding aisle, so that you can see the store temperature range simultaneously.

What a breakthrough in the Pandora FMS display system“, you’ll think, but do these types of maps only work for temperatures? Well, you’ll see, thanks to the great flexibility of Pandora FMS, we can use heat maps in other contexts. A good use that can be given would be the circulation of passersby within a city, neighborhood, street… A classic example of this circulation, I don’t know, let me think… Ok! Who hasn’t heard of Tokyo’s famous pedestrian crossing in Shibuya? Thanks to motion sensors, pedestrian traffic could be collected and monitored, as well as the appropriate heat map.

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* Article written with the collaboration of Alberto Sánchez.

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