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First official patch for 4.0.2 release

October 4, 2012

First official patch for 4.0.2 release

The first patch for 4.0.2 is now available to Enterprise versions. The Open version will be available next monday (exactly the night of sunday).

It includes several fixes:

– Solved problem with inconsistency with the legends drawing the graphs. Added max,min and last value to the graphs.
– Solved several problems with Enterprise ACL.
– Some fixes on network map.
– Support module_type directive for agent plugins in policies.
– Fixed bug of custom graph widget for dashboard. It does not handle stacked option of the widget and could not display line/stacked_line graphs correctly.
– Improve the behavior of popped up windows from Network Console.
– Fixed wrong enum values on synthetic modules table.
– Fixed some translations.
– Solved problem with referer check in special security pages.
– Fixed bad count on non-privileged users in tactical view.
– Several fixes for GIS maps: new icons and suppressed labels (optional).
– Solved important bug on agent deletion when policies are involved, resulting in deletion of modules not related with that agent.

Enjoy it and feedback!

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