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New Release: Pandora FMS 4.1 (RC1)

mayo 27, 2013

New Release: Pandora FMS 4.1 (RC1)

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Four months after the latest stable version was released, the new release candidate of Pandora FMS  is available and ready to be used.



More than 75 contributions since the 4.0.3 was released including:

  •  Several bug fixes
  •  A totally new HTML5 Pandora Mobile console
  •  New Appliance CD (CentOS)
  •  Lighter enviroment
  •  Update Manager now supports proxies
  •  Improved SNMP performance and compatibility
  •  Now GIS information calculates the distance between measures and the total distance.
  •  More flexible image configuration for GIS
  •  Improved Graphs configuration for Dashboard
  •  Some views were simplified and new help tips were added
  •  General interface improvements

Keep in mind that it’s the first Release Candidate for this new version. If you detect any malfunction or bug, please, report it to us through our bugs tracker. We do appreciate it.

We hope that you will enjoy it.


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