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How to use a remote plugin in a massive way?

febrero 9, 2015

How to use a remote plugin in a massive way?

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Until now, as it was defined, it was not possible to use a remote plugin in a policy, because there was no way to pass the IP in the module definition. For this reason, it was necessary to use the macro address in any of the fields in a remote plugin to use policies, components, etc.

Now, just follow the steps to create a remote plugin in a massive way:

1. Create the module in the policy: Choose “Create a new Plugin server module” option, and click on Create button.


2. Next, we introduce the macro _address_ in the IP field:

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-09 a la(s) 16.04.52

3. We apply the policy to an agent and we check how it looks on the agent.

4. Finally we check how is the data showed in green, with data.

With this method we can reuse the module by copying with massive operations or distribution through policies to tens or hundreds of agents, provided they have an IP assigned to the agent.

For further information please consult the official documentation by clicking on the following link:

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