Digital competency; find out if you have the right tools

Being competent is always a positive quality, but it is even more so when it comes to carrying out your work.

However, in recent years things have changed a lot in the workplace, including variables that have left some staff behind (and catapulted some others).

In the modern company the skills related to the digital environment are essential. IT technologies are used daily and for everything, and if you do not master them, you will be out of the game.

Nowadays, most people know, more or less, how to use a computer or a smartphone, even at the level of a basic user. However is this enough? In many cases the answer is “no”.

In this article we will find out what digital competency is and we will give you some tips to discover if you have it. Let’s go!

What is Digital Competency?

Digital competency is the set of knowledge and skills that a person has when using digital technologies.

As you see, it is a broad concept that is not limited to the workplace. For example, digital competency in the field of teaching is where the concept was first applied. However, in this article we are going to focus on digital competency at the job level. Let’s find out some of the skills that make up digital competency.

Some components of digital competency

– Use of digital tools

It is one of the most basic digital skills, and also those that can lead to more difficulties. When IT tools multiply, the demand for skills to manage them increases. It is no longer just about using a computer, a word processor or email; the software for companies are increasingly numerous and it will often be necessary to acquire specific knowledge to use them.

– Information management

Although sometimes we forget, information is the core of IT (IT is the acronym of Information Technology). Therefore, the ability to obtain information in digital environments, order it, understand it and use it , is part of the very basis of digital competency. In addition, we understand the information in a broad sense: it will be important to understand the data provided by a Big Data system (for example), but it will also be important to know the new tools that the market will offer us. Now, more than ever, information is power.

– Update of knowledge

Related to the previous point, it is not only about getting informed, but about never stopping doing it. The digital environment is continuously transformed, and with it the skills that we must acquire. The knowledge acquired today, no matter how extensive, will not be enough tomorrow, so the continuous updating of these becomes another essential pillar.

– Client orientation

It has been said a thousand times, but it is worth remembering once again: the customer is at the center of the digital transformation. IT has given the user more power than before and has also provided companies with tools to better communicate with it and satisfy its needs with more efficiency and personalization. Therefore, knowing how to relate to customers through digital channels and knowing how to use IT to satisfy it is another skill of great value.

– Digital strategy

A capacity more directed to managers, but that can be useful to any person. The ability to guide the use of digital technologies towards projects at different timescales (short, medium and long) and with different scopes will be a skill that can make the difference between success and failure in a company. To achieve this, a wide knowledge of both the available digital options and the activity of the company will be necessary.

– Work in digital environments

The company in which all workers occupied the same physical space is changing. At present, modalities such as teleworking or team management that are distributed in digital environments – sometimes in different parts of the world – is very frequent, so having the skills to conduct them effectively supposes an added value. Without forgetting the relationships with collaborators, suppliers, etc., which very often will also be carried out by digital channels.

These are some basic skills that you will need to develop to a greater or lesser extent depending on your work and the position you occupy in the company. Remember, in any case, that the knowledge of the tools that are at your disposal will be a basic that you should never lose sight of. That said, let us introduce you to a tool that may be of great help to your company. It is Pandora FMS.

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