Congratulations Pandora FMS, 14 years of stories and monitoring

14 years old, our beloved monitoring software is already 14 years old! Pandora FMS enters adolescence and does it with more friends than acne, with more achievements than voice changes and with more future ideas than problems at school.

14 years which are celebrated quickly with a cake and which fade, even faster, in the wake of congratulations on the day of its birthday. However, those years, so easy to count, carry weight and are remembered, with love and consequence. For, although we are a long way from the end, we could already tell its beginnings next to the bonfire with a good hot tea.

It all began, dear ones, in 2003. Y2K had not kept its promise to send the world to hell and people were going around celebrating life. Our project in the making then? An OpenSource alternative called “Pandora”. But without the “FMS” tag.

Pandora FMS anniversary 1

Since in Spain it is illegal to turn to the epic-technological cliché of setting up a company in a garage, we had to set it up in something slightly more dignified: an “office” of four square meters. There, ” the first ones ” fought hard, day and night, to improve the product. If those four claustrophobic walls could speak… Well, surely they would tell a heroic story of effort and overcoming, and they would do it on a typical training song in the movies of the eighties.

Thanks to the Spartan determination and perseverance that characterizes us to make a place for ourselves in this world, in 2009 we were already present at the international fair CEBIT, the most important exhibition of computers, information technologies, telecommunications, software and services in the world. We set out to discover the international market a little more seriously. A big step, especially considering that we already operate in more than forty countries around the world.

pandora fms anniversary 2

It has been a long time since 2003. There have been many versions, patches and updates that, in the last 14 years, have transformed what in its origins was the project of a simple engineer to solve technical problems in what can be the most flexible and complete international system monitoring solution on the market. A journey full of emotions and enriching lessons, to make Pandora FMS what it is today. Only a few remain from that distant beginning, but step by step we have made Pandora FMS a great family, happy to be 14 years old and to have cake in the office, happy to be able to travel miles with this project that is willing to reach unreachable horizons.

Pandora FMS anniversary 3