Official greetings for Christmas and New Year from Pandora FMS 2020

I am lucky to be able to write this article as I watch, above my laptop screen, the lights that decorate the street of our headquarters these weeks. The cold tries to weakly tarnish the office window, but it fails to do so. For the artifice of the bulbs there is no opacity or wall. While drinking the first holy smoking coffee, I feel the Christmas mood and… ahem, cold… Because, you’re right, there is also a bad side to these days: the overcrowded malls, the pile of Christmas cards from who knows, and as I was saying, the destructive colds that get you down with phlegm, chills and make your voice sound like a sore zombie.

However, let’s focus on the positive stuff. Let’s get a little bit corny, but in a more objective than exaggerated way, more toning than syrupy, more sincere than flattering: we love you very much. Yes, to all of our followers, from those who retweet us on social networks because they think we are funny, to those who buy all the options related to our software; from those who ask us what monitoring is to those who help us with ideas to implement the services we offer you. We love you and we love ourselves too, because we are all part of a whole that could both meet at Sundays to have bbq, as well as save the world from a zombie, biblical or alien apocalypse. WE LOVE YOU.

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 1

But if the sum of everything learned and acquired along the year was measured in hugs, we could not continue as a company, so we would also like to highlight some of the achievements we unlocked this year. It is not preening, more like rejoicing. Like the kitten who happily hides cocooned under the bushy Christmas tree or the grandfather who surrounds himself with his attentive grandchildren after dinner to bore them out of their minds with old stories.

So there we go: this past year, Pandora FMS has worked as a steamroller. We have released 12 releases with new updates, that is more than 100 improvements for the Pandora FMS tool. It was time for improving the interface, and we did so. We have also made many changes that have helped improve and increase the range of features, such as Discovery and Omnishell, our first step in IT automation. Discovery has been created in order to make monitoring simpler, and next year we hope to increase all the applications that are already available today (AWS, Azure, MySQL, Oracle Database, SAP or VMware, among others).

Not to mention everything related to our international growth. This year we have improved Pandora FMS documentation, we already have the complete translation into English and more than 1200 pages, 1200 pages!, into French. We have also translated our website into Turkish and got great partners in Turkey and Switzerland that are getting started, in addition to the project that will start soon in Mexico. And the truth is that even though it may not seem true, this year we have sold more abroad than at national level. We are already present in 50 countries!

This year has also been quite important regarding media, both in Spain (in media such as El País, El Mundo, ABC, RTVE, Computer World, Parcela Digital, El Correo de Madrid…) and abroad (in media such as El Financiero, Risemedia, Techgenix, Solutions Review, We are just that popular. Pandora FMS, the Bono of monitoring.

We have also had the opportunity to attend a large number of IDG events and all kinds conventions, where we have been able to step in and feel like kings: CIO Review, Cybersecurity 2019 and SAP Insider… and I get the feel that next year, we will do much more!

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 2

When feeling so encouraged, we have also embarked on very ambitious projects, such as getting into nothing less than IT Orchestration. Therefore, and I should absolutely not forget about it, I must make a very special mention to the newly opened Department of Artificial Intelligence, which will help us promote initiatives that combine AI and monitoring.

And not to show off, but 97% of our customers renew with us. How we were not going to love you and love ourselves this year for Christmas?, there’s even more of us in our team!

That is why we wanted to thank you and wish you happy holidays because, although we are not a celebrity wishing merry christmas at their Instagram account, you sure make us feel like one.

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 3

The most beloved and photogenic tree in the office.

christmas greetings fms 4

The tree under which we expect to find all our gifts in Madrid.

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 5

From our home offices in Alicante.

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 6

Christmas treats: the most precious treasure, together with your love, this Christmas.

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 7

Two young men enjoying their surprise.

christmas greetings Pandora FMS 8

The first figure of our living Christmas crib has arrived to our offices in Salamanca.

christmas greetings pandora fms 2020