Business software. Do you have everything you need?

Where are you going with those scrolls? And that sack of seeds for carrier pigeons? What? You say you need them to get your company’s marketing to your customers?

Didn’t you think you might be getting a little old-fashioned? In Pandora FMS blog we will never miss the praiseworthy work that the carrier pigeons have developed over the centuries, but it’s probably time to give them a well-deserved rest. And the same goes for scrolls.

We live in the 21st century and that means that there are tools that can make the work in your company a little more efficient and bearable, even for pigeons. So take a look at this list of 7 types of business software.

7 types of business software that will take you into the 21st century


CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, a type of software that is responsible for managing relationships with users.

Imagine that you want to congratulate Doña Francisca -your best customer since she met you during the Second Industrial Revolution- on her anniversary. Then you’ll have it all in the CRM. Imagine you want to send her a pigeon with a greeting card. There you will find your contact details so that you don’t get lost looking for her address so that it can arrive safe and sound. Quite useful, right?

Software for Call Centres

Just a few centuries ago, a guy named Alexander Graham Bell invented a demonic device called a “telephone“. Quite useful for receiving calls from your customers.

However, if you receive a large number of these every day, your team will need help managing these. Software for call centres, for example, can come in handy. You’ll see how Mr. Bell wasn’t so bad in the end…

Help Desk Software

Like the previous one, it is a type of software that is in charge of helping in the management of the customer service. For example, if Doña Francisca tells you that in the greeting card a couple of years were added to her real age, you can use a help desk software to track the incident. For example, you can register that you have sent her another greeting with her real age and a small gift in order to please such a loyal customer. That way you’ll be more efficient at managing incidents and your customers will be happy.


It is another software used by companies from six continents and seven seas. ERP or “Enterprise Resource Planning” serves to manage multiple business issues, such as purchasing, sales, human resources, accounting …


Also known as Warehouse Management Software, it is used to manage aspects related to those wonderful spaces in which thousands of products enter and leave in boxes. For example, it may help you to count the number of sacks of seeds in your stock or how many congratulations you have sent to your customers in the last month, among other minor things.

Business Intelligence

Behind this attractive name is a type of software that is quite good. BI software processes some of the data available in the company, from various sources, to help you make decisions. For example, if you have doubts about whether to increase the pigeons’ salary, the BI will help you evaluate their performance to make a better decision.

Monitoring software

Monitoring systems are responsible for monitoring computer systems (hardware, networks and communications, operating systems or applications, for example) in order to analyse their operation and performance, and to detect and warn of possible errors.

And now you may think: Why don’t we have one of these yet? What have we been thinking about all these years? Are we still in time to avoid the most terrible chaos? Yes, calm down, stop whipping and take a deep breath, because Pandora FMS is here.

Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring software, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.

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