Best tech jobs of the future closer than you think

You may already know it if you follow us on a regular basis: in Pandora FMS blog we love to look ahead to the future.

And we have to tell you a secret: next to our coat rack, locked up in a dresser, we have a gleaming crystal ball that we check from time to time. To activate it, you just have to pronounce the word “monitoring” in a secret language that I will not reveal here, and that is when it lights up and shows us its knowledge.

Ok, it is true that sometimes it has a bad day and doesn’t get anything right, but some other times it is quite inspired and gives quite credible predictions. Today, we asked it what the best tech jobs of the future will be. Would you like to know what the answer was?

6 best tech jobs of the future

-Artificial Intelligence application developer

You do not need to go much further into the future, because although it is one of the best tech jobs of the future, it is a job that already exists, although it is likely to increase even more in the coming years.

The development of specific Artificial Intelligence looks like it will be one of the greatest technological revolutions for the near future. Careful, we are not talking about intelligent super robots that will think like human beings, but about applications created to help solve specific problems. Thousands of tools of this type will help us both in our work and in our daily lives. Of course, someone will have to develop them, don’t you think?

-Robot mechanic

Yes, we know that in the future we will see robots everywhere and someone will have to design and manufacture them, but let’s go a little further: someone will also have to take care of repairing them.

In a few years, the chances are most people will have one or more robots, but like any other device, they will need good maintenance and will not be exempt from damage. Do you think you are skilled enough with robotic mechanics? You may not lack work then…

-Technician in 3D printing

3D printing is one of those technologies that are looking for their place after an excessive hype. And although it seems to be already gone to the “box of broken promises”, experience tells us that this is precisely the moment when its consolidation process could begin.

In the future, 3D printing will be used to create all kinds of objects, which will include some of the highest precision, such as human organs or prostheses. And although the process will be highly automated, human intervention will still be necessary at some points, which will lead to some of the best tech jobs of the future.

-Cybersecurity specialist

They already have a presence and an increasing relevance, but in a future plagued with robots, IoT devices, autonomous vehicles or drones, cybersecurity will have huge importance and will be a source of some of the best tech jobs of the future.

Data management and the fight against intrusions will be some of the greatest jobs of these professionals who will be responsible for ensuring that our increasingly technological life does not involve facing unassuming risks.


Does it sound too futuristic? You may go to one sooner than you think, and they may even save your life!

Nanotechnology applied to medicine promises to have one of the biggest impacts on people’s lives. Although we have already seen it in science fiction (who could forget the great movie Fantastic Voyage!), some more realistic versions are already being tested in laboratories around the world, particularly related to medication management for cancer patients.

Although it is possible that it will take a few years to have this type of therapy, many people work to make deadlines shorter. We hope to have them soon!

-Virtual reality creator

It may be more prosaic than medical nanotechnology, but it will take most of our time and attention.

Science fiction has also taken care of anticipating a virtual future through so many examples that we could publish a whole post just listing them (Matrix, Level 13 or the most recent Ready Player One, among many other films). And the idea of creating new worlds to our liking to dive into them has always been very attractive.

Virtual reality is already active today and promises to grow a lot over the next coming years. Of course, someone will have to do the world setting for the users to enjoy, so it is expected that the demand for virtual reality creators will increase.

Do you monitor?

And now that you found out what the 6 best tech jobs of the future are, how about taking a few minutes to get to know an activity that is already very important today and will be even more so in the coming years? We’re talking about system monitoring.

Monitoring systems are responsible for supervising IT systems (hardware, networks and communications, operating systems or applications, for example) in order to analyze their performance, and to detect and alert about possible errors.

The future promises to be even more technological than it is today, and someone will have to monitor the computing involved, don’t you think so?

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