Best desktop computers of 2018. Learn all about it

Desktop computers are quite common. Although now, with smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, laptops and other mobile devices, we have forgotten a little about desktop computers, they are still very much present in the evolving world of technology. We think of the desktop computers as rocky elements that rest on the desk of our elders, but they still have a lot of life. That’s why we have gathered the best desktop computers of 2018.

They are no longer large white plastic contraptions that collect dust and make some noise during startup. Now they have aerodynamic shapes and great colors, they make you feel on board your own spaceship and you will be glad to take care of them, because of their great and majestic look.

Best Desktop Computers of 2018: Apple MGEN2YP/A

With the name of android with personality in Star Wars comes this wonderful device. If you’re dying to have an Apple computer to show off, this one is for you: with the capacity of a normal Apple computer but for less price. In addition to being of the latest generation, it is small, it will not take up much space.

It has an 8GB RAM memory, with which you can carry out any task with a good performance, a HDD 1TB hard drive that will allow you to store large amounts of data, and an Intel Core i5 processor, Dual-Core at 2.6 GHz. Fast and it is able to tackle the multitasking that you propose without a drop of sweat appearing on its casing. It has 4 USB ports, plus WI-FI connection, Bluetooth and one HDMI port.

The Best Desktop Computers of 2018: Apple iMac 5K

If you are blown away by the contours and aesthetics of the Apple brand, if you want them for yourself, this computer is yours: flat and with the best and snowiest finishes in white. iMac 5K has come this far due to that Retina 5K screen that looks, with an IPS LCD Panel of 27″ and resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels. No one has ever played computer games with better resolution.

It has to be said that it is not for everyone, because of its hardware that is the latest and most cutting-edge, but due to its Fusion Drive technology you will be able to store more information and faster than any of your friends who are experts in office automation.

Best Desktop Computers of 2018: 22V240 -L.AR3WB from LG

An LG computer that is so compact that it’s impossible to take up too much space, no matter how chaotic your desk may be. Its solid and minimal design together with its multiple functionalities will bring it closer, in concept, even to a laptop, since it will be easy for you to transport. Unlike many of today’s desktops, this LG has a modern, striking elegance. Weighing only 7kg and measuring 52.9x32x4.3 cm, you can almost take it as a couple to the most select parties. It has unified monitor, CPU, along with speakers and webcam, so it will not be a slew of cables when you decide to make the video call of the morning.

It works with Windows 10 and its hard disk is 500GB, with which you will obtain a great capacity of storage. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, of course.

Best Desktop Computers of 2018: Vibox VBX-PC-1528

If as a new gamer you are worried about not knowing which is the most advanced computer to stop watching games and play the latest battle royal fashion, you deserve this computer. You’ll need some more space, though.

Completely designed for gamers, it has a 1 Terabyte hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and an AMD A-Series Dual Core A4 processor.

Of course, if you think that the world of platforms and virtual beating is not everything, you can also watch movies, put on music or work on your projects without worrying about running slow.

This computer also features a 21.5 inch FHD LED monitor. That means, well, fights in video games with the highest quality graphics, backed by its omnipotent graphics card.

Best Desktop Computers of 2018: HP Pro Sprout G2

Since those remote times when mobiles and all kinds of devices came out, our fingers have dreamed of touching and operating a computer with the same qualities. Yes, to “touch” the screen and to open the possibilities of an HP is amazing.

The Pro Sprout G2 comes equipped with Windows 10 Pro1 and an innovative 20-point Touch Mat dual touch screen; also dual video feeders and 2D and 3D scanning.

If that’s not enough, remember it has a 14-megapixel high-resolution camera, an Inter RealSence 3D camera and a projector focused on its touchpad that you can use as a keyboard or canvas for your drawings.

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