The flexibility in a visual map builder is a good quality to satisfy our technical needs, but at the same time it feeds our geek heart.

The following visual consoles are film or TV show’s parodies made using the visual map tool of Pandora FMS with real monitors. Each screenshot is followed by a link to the real map built in our online demo.

It’s only a funny way of show the possibilities of Visual Consoles, don’t take it so seriously.

Are they servers or aliens?

Who don’t remember the scene of the James Cameron’s film “Aliens” where the aliens were approaching more and more while the soldier is looking at that green screen with a movement sensor.



Panic on Plane

Imagine that the fear of the passangers of the plane on TV Show “Lost” were monitorizable. This would be the scenario: There is a problem on that engine. Claire is sitting on the window and she’s noticed about that. James and Sayid have noticed Claire’s nervousness and they start to suspect. The pilots are freaked out, of course.



Are your servers Up?

A floating house attached by balloons in the film “Up” sounds crazy. But imagine that these balloons represent the status of our monitors and the worst of them define the status of the house. It could sounds crazy too, but not in Pandora FMS.


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