Pandora FMS Event Viewer in App of the day

September 24, 2019

Pandora FMS Event Viewer in App of the day

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Pandora FMS interview in App of the day

Last week our CEO, Sancho Lerena, was interviewed in App of the day, a site that is part of, one of the largest download sites in the world, with millions of monthly users.

In the interview, Sancho answers questions about Pandora FMS Event Viewer, one of our apps for mobile devices, that allows to receive notifications of Pandora FMS events in a mobile phone in a fast and practical way. Besides, Sancho talks about interesting tools such as filtering according to the type of problem or notifications through auditory signals.

You can read the full interview here

Or if you directly want to download Pandora FMS Event Viewer, you can do it in the Play Store, if you use Android or in the App Store, if you use iOS.

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