It is obvious that the Internet has become one of the main sources to learn. The Internet is plenty of video-tutorials, forums and other sources of information which help us activating our self-taught side. The learning process occurs naturally and people get advanced skills without even noticing how much they are learning. They became experts by themselves.

 Last week, we ran an experiment in Artica ST. We wanted to find out how easy is to install Pandora FMS. A fifteen-year-old guy helped us with the experiment. We provided him with a computer with no OS and we sent him the link of the website of Pandora. We did not give him any further information or instructions to accomplish one mission: installing Pandora FMS in the computer.

 First of all, the guy had to install an operating system in the computer, and he chose Ubuntu. Despite being the very first time he used Linux and his poor knowledge in computing, the guy handled the situation. He went to the download section in the website, he picked and installed the right version for Ubuntu and he installed all the packages required to run Pandora FMS. He did all these things with the only help of Pandora’s manual and Google. He just had one problem with MYSQL. Since the manual is conceived for system administrators, it does not explain how to install the server. So the guy had to find another way to accomplish that task.

 Eventually, the guy installed the software successfully. This fifteen-year-old boy with no advanced computing skills was able to do what system administrators specialized in networking and Linux with two year training do. Although the guy did not understand what he was doing or how the whole thing works, he managed to interpret the manual’s instructions and executed every single step beyond all the expectation. That is why we state that it is very easy to install Pandora. We strongly encourage all of you to go to the download section, download the software and enjoy all the benefits of Pandora FMS.