5.1 is coming

March 28, 2014

5.1 is coming

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Reviewing our Roadmap, we can see that version 5.1 is so close. May 2014 is the selected date for the release.


The new feature’s list is available. This is a summary:

  • Official support on Windows.
  • IPAM (IP Address management)
  • Satellite Server
  • Network L2 topology detection (via SNMP)
  • Improved Enterprise network map
  • Cascade protection on module dependency
  • New extension for easy VM ware Plugin configuration
  • Combined graph as item in Visual Console (requested via Uservoice)
  • QR code generator for sharing public visual console links
  • Support on appliance for PerconaDB, replacing MySQL
  • Netflow support integrated by default in the appliance CD
  • Improvements on alert recovery
  • New radial networkmap topology view
  • SLA Report improvements
  • Dynamic bindings for SNMP traps
  • Global macros in agents

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